My take on healthy living

With all this EATING going on, here’s a snapshot of my take on healthy living:

Throughout my early twenties, I considered myself a pretty healthy person, I mean, I had a freezer full of low-calorie frozen dinners, avoided snacking at all costs, and ate light during the day so I could have a GIANT guilt-free dinner each night.  Heck, I even played soccer once a week.  Despite all this “healthy living,” I was gaining LBs and having major blood sugar issues.  Several times a week I’d get the low-blood-sugar-shakes so bad I’d resort to chugging a can of cola to spike my bottomed out blood sugar.

Convinced something was medically wrong, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor.  All but one of the dozen or so blood tests came back normal, and I was officially declared hypoglycemic.

Low blood sugar.  Tell me something I don’t know, doc.

My first reaction was anger at the doctor, but as I researched hypoglycemia, I realized if I kept putting crap in my body I was going to continue to feel like CRAP.  Right then I decided to make a change.  That was back in January 2010, and since then I’ve been on a mission to healthify my life.

My ultimate challenge is juggling my love of food with my desire to live a healthful life.  I work to eat clean nutritional meals, but I also love (LOVE I SAY!) to go out to eat and experience new delicious foods.  These days I care more about whole foods than about how many calories are on my plate.  (Thank god, because I don’t want to live in a world without peanut butter.)

It’s important to note that I believe healthifying my life goes deeper than the nutrients I’m consuming or the exercise I’m getting in–it’s also about my PMA (positive mental attitude).  I believe mental health is just as important as physical health, and I aspire be present and positive each day.

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