I’ve never had an issue with cooking my breakfasts for the week on Sunday, but today when I grabbed the last egg/broccoli/potato breakfast in the series, something just smelled awry.  I took a bite anyway, but it was obvious that my breakfast had the funk.  Images of me bed ridden and barfing over the 3 day weekend filled my head…  Soooo I quickly junked the funk breakfast and grabbed a quick granola bar instead.  I know I’m eating pizza for dinner tonight… Oh Gioninos…  The pizza is so good that I sometimes close my eyes and let a big ole bite dipped in hot sauce just marinate in my mouth.  So needless to say, I’m trying to keep it light and healthy today to offset the Friday festivities to come. 

Another weekend staple of mine is wine and cereal 😀

I’m headed to the BF’s right after work today, so I brought the goods with me.  This is what my desk at work looks like now:

The receptionist was a little confused when she walked by.  Don’t ask, don’t tell 😉

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life – work balance

In my opinion there are two schools of thought when it comes to juggling your career and your life.  Those who believe in work –  life balance and those who believe in life – work balance.  I am a life-work balance girl.  Life takes priority over work in my world, and LIFE should always come first.  I think those who talk about work-life balance are those who truly don’t believe that balance is necessary but rather use it as a deceptive marketing tool.

Apparently my late night honey bunches of oats makes me feisty 😀

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I love packages!!

My very first order from arrived today!  Woot!  I selected 3 products for this trial run:   

* Al Dente Carba-Nada Fettucine, Roasted Garlic  

* Joseph’s Middle East Bakery low-carb pita with flax  

* Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter  

Goodies ordered from Netrition

 Of course, I immediately had to dive into the powdered peanut butter.  I’ve been dying to try it since I read about it on  You are probably wondering why on earth someone would want to try powdered peanut butter.  Well, I L-O-V-E  a big dollop of peanut butter, but the sad facts are that PB just isn’t super great for you in mass quantities.  2 tbs of my beloved reduced fat JIF packs a mean 190 calories, 15 g carbs, and 12g fat!  2tbs of PB2 on the other hand is 45 calories, 1.5 g fat, and 5g carbs.  Basically they take the peanuts and squeeze out all the fat…. But does it taste good?  

mix 2 parts PB2 to 1 part water…  

Voila!  Creamy Goodness!  

First thing, first, I stuck a finger in the PB2 and gave it the old taste test.  It smells like peanut butter, looks like melty peanut butter, and tastes like peanut butter (sort of).  It has a “healthy” taste about it — like your tongue just KNOWS that all the goodness has been sucked out.  However, once I smeared it on a piece of toasted pita I could barely tell the difference.   

Conclusion:  PB2 is pretty tasty, but it’s not exactly an apples to apples substitute for a spoonful of peanut butter.  However, if you are putting the PB on bread with some jelly or bananas, I bet you won’t be missing much 🙂

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Chocolate Ritual

I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I could eat chocolate cake, cookies, ice cream (mmmmm) to the point of inducing a sugar coma. When I’m at work and the 2pm sugar crash hits I grab a cup of hot coffee and a single solitary dark chocolate Hershey kiss. I unwrap the kiss, place it in my mouth, close my eyes and lean back in my chair and let the chocolate melt away in my mouth. Sounds a little over the top, but I swear it sends a content shiver down my spine and totally kicks the craving. Take that 2pm doldrums!

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Compulsive shopping

Over the years, I have developed an addiction to eBay.  I love searching for good deals, but unfortunately the object of desire is not always what you expect it to be.  Pictures can be crazy misleading.  Case in point:  a FABULOUS pair of black strappy sandals I won last week that squeezed my feet like sad little sausages.

On the way home from work, I sent the shoes back to the seller and decided to stop at acme to pick up some ground turkey which was BOGO this week (HOLLER!).  Turns out, not all acmes run the same specials so my intended efficient pit stop was a waste.

I then went to MY acme to pick up the turkey and fell into a zombie like state that frequently washes over me when I enter a grocery store.  I’m instantly in awe of all the CHOICES and goodies on every corner and have to exert extreme self control to not start throwing things in my cart super-market-sweep style.  Today, I went in for ground turkey and left with quite a few other odds and ends.  One of which was some honey bunches of oats cereal.  I’m on a mission to find delicious and nutritious cereals.  I just LOVE cereal… If that were my only food weakness I’d be set, problem is I am a serious FOODIE.  I love food.  I love eating it, making it, reading about it, sharing it, researching it… on and on.  This poses a problem because I have also been on a mission to healthify my life in 2010.  So far so good.


P.S.  I started a food blog.

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