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Hello, and welcome to my food blog!  My name is Mary, and I’m a bean counter by day, food blogger by night.  Food is my passion, my reason for being, and like any good child, I blame it on my parents.

Fervent Foodie was birthed May 25, 2010.  (Check out my 5th-year and 6th year anniversary posts!)  Back then, I was 25 and living in Akron, Ohio, in a house I’d bought because, well, that’s what I’d thought I was supposed to do.  I spent my first summer there in the backyard, mulching and weeding like a good homeowner.  I filled the rooms with second-hand furniture, replaced the water heater, and worried endlessly about that weird clicking noise the fridge made.  But after a year or so, it lost its luster.  I was bored.  And that, my friends, is when I decided to start a food blog.


I named the blog Fervent Foodie because I love food, I can be a little intense, and I love alliteration.  *dusts hands off*

Since then, I moved from Akron to Charlotte to Columbus.  Through it all, this blog remains my creative space to share anything and everything food related, including recipes, cooking disasters, food stories, and restaurant reviews.  I love collaborating with local businesses and publications!  Please check out my work with me page.


If you are interested in connecting, please email me at:  ferventfoodie@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Cowx


  1. Mary, I just found you blog on the healthy living blogs website. I was excited to see you’re in Akron. I just moved from Akron to Cleveland and just recently started my own blog. Just wanted to spread some ohio blogger love!! 🙂

  2. Hi Mary! I just found your blog via Alycia’s (FitNFresh) and the first thing I saw on here is that you are a CPA. Congratulations! That is not an easy series of exams! I should know since I’m surrounded by accountants (my husband is an accountant as well as a big group of our friends). So kudos there!

    And also, I love that you love food so much! That’s wonderful! 🙂

  3. Hey Mary! I just stumbled upon your blog and it turns out I’m not too far away (in Greensboro).
    I totally relate to you on being a “fervent foodie and carbohydrate connoisseur”.
    I’m happy to meet another blogger in the area and look forward to future posts!

  4. Just discovered your blog! I’m a recent transplant to Charlotte; originally from Cambridge, Oh but have since lived in KY, NC, GA, and back to NC ;). I am stoked to visit my husband in uptown for lunch now that I’ve found your Gluten Free listing of local restaurants. Thus far my favorite Gluten Free find has been the Firebirds Wood Fire Grill (in Northlake Mall). Thanks again for posting!

  5. Hey Mary! I just stumbled across your blog, and we seem to share a similar story! I also live in the glorious Queen’s City, am a bean counter by day, and have a love for food and wine. I even have a blog that focuses on the latter. Can’t wait to follow long!

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