30 Day Fitness Challenge

Every January, I challenge myself with some sort of healthy living goal.  I know, I know.  I am SUCH a cliche.  But you know what?  I’m really ok with that.  I honestly enjoy starting my year on a high, healthy note, and setting challenging, OBTAINABLE healthy living goals not only makes me feel better physically, but also does wonders for my mental health.  From the deepest part of my heart, I believe that exercise is nature’s best anti-depressant.  And in January, when we’re surrounded by coldness and darkness, I think each of us could use a little assistance in the positive mental attitude department.

Last January, in addition to Vegetarian Whole30, I did a 30-days-of-exercise challenge.  And I felt AWESOME.  So this year, I’m sharing my super sophisticated exercise tracker in hopes of inspiring more people to get off their keesters this January.  There are no rules on what constitutes exercise here–you pick the exercise.  Whether it’s a long walk, yoga in your living room, or a class at the gym — as long as it gets your heart rate up and your body moving, it counts.

Here’s the link to download the calendar:  30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE.  There are two tabs, one for a one-person calendar and one for a two-person calendar (which also gives you the option to customize the initials currently showing as M and R).  You choose whether to start Jan 1 or Jan 2.

Will this challenge be easy?  Nope.  But it will give you an excuse to wake up and get your workout in, even when you have a crazy day ahead of you, even when that means waking up at 4am.  Even when its -13 degrees outside.

Alright guys.  Who’s with me?

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