Is this what I ordered?! {the week in food}

A really bizarre thing happened the other night.  I was out to eat with friends at a new-to-me Italian restaurant here in Charlotte.  I’d  suggested the restaurant solely because I wanted eat their bucatini with grilled shrimp, pancetta, and tomato sauce on the Queen’s Feast restaurant week menu.  And if that’s not reason enough to force three of your comrades to dine at a restaurant, I don’t know what is.  When the waiter took our order, I pointed at the menu and said “I’d like the Shrimp Romana, please.”  Thirty or so minutes later, I was presented with a shrimp pasta dish, though this one had penne (not my beloved bucatini) and a white wine sauce.  I was so caught off guard, that I flagged down the waiter and asked if the dish was what I ordered.  He hastily assured me it was.  And I, somewhat embarrassed and not wanting to cause a scene, ordered another glass of wine and tried to hide my disappointment.  What the heck, Mary?!  I had never EVER ordered something wrong like this!  I was befuddled and sort of sour at the whole situation.

As I began to type the woes of accidentally ordering the wrong dish at a restaurant, I pulled up the restaurant week menu.  There it was:  Shrimp Romana.  The BUCATINI and red sauce dish I ordered!!  I scanned the menu over and over looking for the pasta dish I received, sure that I’d pointed at the wrong entrée when ordering.  I’ve looked at the menu at least five times.  I even enlisted my trusty friend CTRL + F to search the document for “shrimp.”  The ONLY shrimp pasta dish on the restaurant week menu is my coveted bucatini.

Here I was recounting my big flub, still confused on how I’d so pointedly and precisely ordered incorrectly, and it turns out the mistake was not my own.

mezzanotte bucatini menu

I’m still without my bucatini, but at least I have my wits.

In other, more uplifting food news, this weekend I had an awesome time taking photos at the newly opened Napa on Providence in Charlotte.  You can check out my review of their dinner menu here.  Napa recently started serving brunch, and I’m the lucky lady who got to shoot some photos of their brunch offerings in exchange for the right to eat my subjects.

Here are some of my favorite dishes:

An intoxicating fruit parfait with mixed berries and house-made granola with oats, pecans, almonds, and honey:

Napa on Providence - parfait (2)

Eggs Benedict with prosciutto:

Napa on Providence - Eggs Benedict (3)

Bananas Foster Belgian waffle, baby.

Napa on Providence - Waffles (2)

Plus some cheese, please.

Napa on Providence - Cheese Plate (4)


Have you ever ordered the wrong dish at a restaurant?

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  1. How DARE they try to pass of penne as bucatini? The nerve! But the photos look awesomely professional and good enough to eat!