Most buzzed about bakeries in North America

Bread, COOKIES, muffins, scones…  I want it all.  It’s my inner Veruca Salt–she cannot be appeased.  Well, not without a hearty handful of carbohydrates, anyway.  For fun, I pulled together a list of the most talked about bakeries on Urbanspoon, based on votes and buzz, and did a little digging into their tastiest wares.  I’ve got quite the continental bakery wishlist now!


 Fervent Foodie is a contributing writer for the official Urbanspoon blog.

We’ve all heard the term “sweet tooth,” which makes us crave crazy things like Snickers bars slathered with Nutella and marshmallow fluff, but the less familiar “carb tooth” creates some equally intense cravings for yeasty, buttery breads and crumbly three cheese scones. To satisfy both a sweet tooth and a carb tooth, a trip to the bakery is in order.  There are over 10,000 bakeries listed on Urbanspoon, and their specialties span the gamut from meat-filled ciabatta to double-stuffed whoopie pies.

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Duchess Bake Shop Meringue — photo by Nikki Stoyko

Looking for more  of the world’s best bakeries?  Check out this list of Urbanspoon’s most talked about bakeries.

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