What’s a gal with no computer to do?

It’s been 5 days. FIVE horribly painful days with no computer. There’s only so much internet surfing a gal can do on an iphone, folks. And the thought of my neglected budget spreadsheet is met with sharp pains in my stomach. So, I’ve been filling my time with other things.

This weekend I headed to a local Great Harvest Bakery to learn how to knead dough (more on that to come soon) and indulged in about three pounds of fresh baked bread. Then, the BF and I headed to the Southern Spring Show to make sushi up on stage with the chefs from The Cowfish. Apparently, I’m no natural at sushi making because the sushi chef kept coming behind me and fixing all my “mistakes.” He actually threw a third of my roll away before plating it up. Ummmm, I would have eaten that dude! I ate a fabulous Italian dinner at Dolce Friday night followed by a fabulous Italian dinner at Hawthorne’s Saturday night and leftover Italian deliciousness for lunch on Sunday. I dined with my pal Vanessa at Table 274 Monday night where I ordered the pork chop with pomegranate chutney, which is extremely odd for me. When the waiter asked how I wanted the chop cooked, I turned to Vanessa and said “you get that choice with pork??”

Apparently the glass of wine I had with dinner gave me gobs of motivation because I went home, cleaned my guest bedroom, did laundry, packed 2 days worth of lunches, and put the first coat of paint on my nightstand. Maybe I need to have weeknight vino more often?

Even though I’ve been mum on the half-marathon training, believe you me, it is going full swing. Only 5 weeks til the big race!

Please excuse typos, run-ons, and grammatical errors as this post was typed on my phone while walking on the treadmill waiting for Body Pump to start. What are ya’ll up to these days?

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  1. I can’t believe you typed that whole post on a phone! You rock even more than I thought!

  2. We need to have weeknight dinners more often involving wine. So much fun! I went home and ate my chocolate hazelnut torte. It was delicious!