If you tweet it, they will come.

Lately, it feels like I’ve been all over the place yet no place at all.  Sure I met up with the Charlotte food bloggers, painted a bookshelf, and got wined and dined at Fatz.  I ran my first EVER double-digit run (hello 10 miles, nice to meet you).  I body pumped, number crunched, and had an eyes-roll-back-into-your-head-delicious pulled pork Cuban sandwich at Midwood Smokehouse.  My computer died, I fell down during my walk to work (YES.. that happened), and, while speed cleaning my kitchen, I managed to headbutt an ajar cabinet door resulting in a rather large egg on the top of my noggin.  I ordered a new computer (for the love of god can it get here already), I got my taxes 90% done, and I extreme couponed my way through Super Doubles week at Harris Teeter.

And yet (until I spewed the paragraph above) I felt like I’d been at a standstill.  Sometimes you just need a little word vomit I guess, and that, my friends, is what Twitter is for.  Yes, the majority of the time my tweets are left unanswered.  Just random thoughts or ideas or questions tossed out into nothingness.  Even without a response, the simple act of extracting those words from my brain to the web somehow makes me feel lighter and more fulfilled.


Sometimes, however, my tweets DO get answered.  Like last week when I tweeted about really being in the mood for a brownie, and low and behold the brownie fairy himself replied offering to send me a batch.

Brian Weddell (the aforementioned brownie fairy) is the owner of Send out Cards CLT.  I’d heard of Send Out Cards before, but I had no idea they now send out brownies!  Talk about a smart business decision!

The package from the brownie fairy arrived super fast.  So fast that the brownie craving was still lollygagging around my head.  I tore open the package right there at the mailbox–I couldn’t even wait to get back inside the apartment.  First I found a really nice high-quality card complete with a blurb of word vomit from my about me page:

And underneath the card were FOUR ginormous brownies:

Well, there were four…  but I ate one.  Right there at the mailbox.

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t have done the same.

Thanks to Brian for sending me out some of these delicious chocolatey brownies.  I can think of nothing I’d rather get in the mail than a big old box of chocolate love.

Speaking of love, the winner of the Big Fatz Giveaway is HILLARY!  Please email me at ferventfoodie@gmail.com by midnight Monday March 5th to claim your winnings!




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  1. Should I get on the tweeting band wagon? I feel like such a Luddite for not tweeting!