Last day in Savannah

The last day of any trip is always bitter.  So bitter, that it has taken me an entire week to bring myself to recap our last day in Savannah.  I woke up feeling, well, bitter that our trip’s last day had arrived, but one last stroll through the City Market for breakfast at Henry’s sure did  help to sweeten things up.  Henry’s is a relatively new breakfast and lunch spot in Savannah, and we were surprised that there wasn’t a line out the door on a Sunday morning.  We were actually waited on by Henry himself!  How’s that for southern hospitality?

I loved the bright teal paint throughout the restaurant.

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Henry’s has a decent-sized breakfast buffet, but I opted for the western omelet (again) though this time I left the ham.  When the omelet arrived I immediately scrunched my nose in disappointment.  It was the flattest most unappetizing looking omelet I’d ever laid eyes on.Savannah Food Foodie Vacation (2 of 12)

I hesitantly sliced into the omelet, expecting it to be empty given its lacking fullness.  Steam billowed out at me, and I could see chunks of fresh veggies and white melty cheese.

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That’s what I get for judging an omelet by its cover!  I was a little unsure about white cheese in an omelet, but this was a great combination and I ate the whole thing in record time.  The breakfast potatoes were standard, but the biscuit was hard as a rock.

Jarrod got the philly cheesesteak omelet (look at that boy, ordering red meat like a real carnivore), and we split a fluffy Belgian waffle with chocolate chips.

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With the exception of the biscuit, this breakfast was terrific.  I’m still confused why there wasn’t more of a crowd!

We took a stroll back down toward the river, and Jarrod posed by this lovely dog.  Cheese!

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Then we headed inland and stopped for coffee at the Gallery Espresso, the oldest coffee shop in Savannah.  This place was choc full of people (and pastries) and the walls were covered with local art.  We took a seat on an ancient looking sofa and relaxed while we drank our coffees.

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We had a bit of time to kill before lunch, so we made the short drive over to Tybee Island.  It was frigid, so we didn’t actually step foot on the beach but I could totally see it from the warmth of the car.  After the drive, we stopped in the Savannah Candy Kitchen and watched them make fresh taffy and pralines.

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Then we wondered aimlessly around the market area some more.

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The City Market was probably my favorite part of the city.  There were people everywhere (even with the weather) and I loved all the restaurants and patios and overall relaxing vibe of the place.

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We walked by Vinnie Van Go Go’s on our way to lunch.  Jarrod’s pace slowed to a mere crawl, and in matter of seconds we unanimously decided to grab one of their ridiculously amazing pizzas to take home with us.  Side note — we often freeze leftover takeout pizza and reheat it later on.  Simply wrap the crust of the frozen pizza slices with foil to prevent burning, then cook at 375 for about 14 minutes.  I swear it tastes like it’s fresh from the pizza oven!

Our last stop in Savannah was lunch at Moon River Brewing Company.  Jarrod wanted to give Angels’ Barbecue a try, and Moon River serves up an Angie’s Barbecue sandwich with Carolina Pit-style sauce:

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For the record, this barbecue was good but the bbq pulled pork sandwich at Mert’s in Charlotte beats it out by far!

I got the Chicken and Sausage Creole:

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The meat was served over a bed of low country rice – but that rice was seriously the star of show.

And then we were on our way home to Charlotte.  Just me and the man and one enormous pizza.



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