A spongy glazed doughnut.  A homemade scone, still warm from the oven.  A yellow-cake cupcake slathered with thick chocolate icing.  A piece of jam-filled chocolate straight from Germany.  Sugared pecans.  A lemon ricotta cookie.  A miniature cupcake filled with champagne strawberries and topped with a dollop of vanilla icing.  A slice of carrot cake.  A caramel drizzled pecan bar with sugar cookie crust.

All of it.

Each and every sugary treat… down to the last crumb and gooey morsel.

I ate it all.


This is what we call an extreme lack of self control, and I am ashamed.  When presented with not one but TWO potlucks in the very same day, I cracked.  I ate with reckless abandon.  As I type this I can feel the jitters in my fingers and the creepy crawlies in my shoulders from all that sugar seething through me.

I am addicted and something has to give.

Sugar, I need a break.  Just some time to clear my head, get my thoughts straight, and get back on track.

It’s not you, Sugar.  It’s me.

Just one week apart, Sugar.  And then?  Well, we can still be friends?



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  1. I feel your pain! Med check on Wed. Afraid of blood sugar reading. But, just ate a peanut butter cookie and a dollop of tuna salad w/4 saltines. Going to wash down statin w/orange juice! Help!

  2. Sugar is definitely addictive, dear. You’re on the right track to cut it out for a week. See how you feel after a week, then see how you feel if you invite your friend back–it’ll be an eye opener . . .

    You can do it!!!


  3. i feel ya’! i’ve cut WAY back on sugar since the holidays ended, but we’ve still been visiting family and friends, and I need a break, for real.

  4. Oh man, I love/hate sugar and its effects on me. I was pretty much sweeted out after Christmas, but it’s getting difficult to eat a piece of fruit when all I want is a piece of cake. Good luck on the detox!

  5. I totally understand you. I know when I eat lots of sugar I get sick, so a detox (or cleanse) from it for just a short time can really help. I know you can get back on track. 🙂