I’ve been on the hunt for a tasty low-sugar bar for months… strike that.  YEARS.  I am hypoglycemic, so I’ve been making a real conscious effort to regulate my daily sugar intake in an effort to avoid peaks and valleys in my sugar levels.  Every low sugar bar I’ve tried to date has come up short.  Quest Bars, Think Thin Bars, Atkins Bars… all absolutely horrible in my opinion.  The most common failures for these low sugar bars are the texture and that horrible taste fake sugars give things.  Blegh!  I hate that… just thinking about it makes my teeth hurt!  Not to mention that the sugar alcohols always seem to upset my stomach and make me regret eating the low sugar bar in the first place.

A few months back Shanna from Shanna Like Banana told me about a new low-sugar line of bars from NuGo.  I was super excited to try them out, but I was cautiously optimistic.  I’d had SO MANY failures that I’d kind of reached the conclusion that low sugar unavoidably resulted in an awful taste.

Enter The NuGo Slim line, which consists of three flavors:  Roasted Peanut, Brownie Crunch, & Raspberry Truffle:


Each of the bars is dipped in real dark chocolate.


Say it with me.  CHOC-O-LATEEEEEEE.

This chocolate coating gives each bar an intense chocolately flavor that I really enjoyed.  Surprise, surprise…


DSCF8093  DSCF8091

In my opinion, the Roasted Peanut bar didn’t taste much different from the Chocolate Brownie Crunch bar.  Both of them had that delicious intense chocolately shell, but the fillings didn’t taste all that different to me.


DSCF8094  DSCF8091

The Raspberry Truffle bar was a little less intense in the chocolate department, and I could tasty the fruitiness in the filling.  Don’t mind the cracked chocolate coating in the photo – this bar got carted along in my work bag for a few hours before I ate it.  Apparently they aren’t Mary-proof.


DSCF8092  DSCF8091

At 15g of protein, 9-10g fiber, and only 2 grams of sugar per bar, the stats are pretty frickin amazing.

What’s ASTOUNDING about these bars is the taste.  Apparently the folks at NuGo concocted some sort of magic spell that makes 2 grams of sugar sufficient without the need for fake sugars or sugar alcohols.

Let me repeat.  These bars taste GREAT and they only have 2g of sugar.  Real sugar, not the fake crap.  My world has been rocked.


As an added bonus these bars are gluten free, which means my G-F GF Tracy can eat as many of these chocolatey treats as she wants.  This makes me very happy indeed.

Anytime I REALLY love something, I feel the need to force it upon share it with others.  Whether it’s peer pressuring my friends to join body pump (*wink* *wink* Vanessa) or writing reviews about delicious dishes I’ve had at local restaurants, when I really really like something I want/need you to like it too.

So being the pushy loving person I am, I took some of my hard earned cash and bought a few extra NuGo Slim bars to giveaway on the blog.

What’s that you say?!


These FABULOUS prizes can be yours!!


The giveaway will be open through midnight Friday November 18, 2011.  I will randomly select a winner and announce him/her over the weekend.

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Good luck!


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