Classy Mac

I’ve got this pressure in the front of my head.  It feels like there is a tiny angry gnome in there pushing his thumbs into the backs of my eyesockets.  The pain makes it hard to see and hard to think and hard type, gosh darn it.

He’s been there all week.

I named him Stan.

As I was trying to squeeze an idea for dinner out from behind this irritating pain, one thing came to mind.  Shrimp and mac and cheese.  I blame Stan.  Only problem was I wasn’t about to make this mac and cheese from scratch….

Enter one two-year-old packet of easy mac:


A mere 3.5 minutes later I had one small bowl of aged cheesy delight:


Then it was time to take the Easy Mac up a notch.  In the words of Emeril, add a little **BAM**… you know what I mean?  So, how bout some precooked shrimp sautéed in a pan with S&P, garlic, and cayenne?


Sounds like a plan, Stan.  Sounds like a plan.

And so was birthed Classy Mac:


Don’t even pretend this doesn’t look tasty.


I’m off to watch Wheel of Fortune.. and research gnome extraction.


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    1. I got these from trader joes, and thought they tasted like normal shrimp. Granted, I did season the crap out of them and pile them on top of some processed cheesey noodles 🙂