She’s going the distance…

I’m one of those weirdos who likes to run WITHOUT headphones.  Did you know that some people actually do that?  I think the first thing most runners do after lacing up their sneakers is pump up the jams.  Yes, it’s 1992 again.  Where IS that jock jams c.d. anyway?

Personally, I just like to hear the sounds of nature (or the sounds of city) as I’m running.  Or, perhaps it really just has something to do with my paranoia and not wanting any crazies sneaking up behind me without my knowledge as it could impede my natural defense mechanism:  the karate chop.   Hyyyyyyyy-ya!

Sometimes as I’m running sans music, my subconscious starts to play songs to keep me entertained.  There are two songs that pop into my head more than any others.  The Rocky Theme song.  Yes, I’m serious.  And Going the distance by Cake.  “She’s going the distance.  She’s going for speed.  She’s all alone (ALL ALONE) in her time of need.”  Not that any of this songs applies to me, but for some reason it keeps me chugging along.  Whatever works, right?

As much as I enjoy running, sometimes I wake up and want NOTHING to do with it.  I have this mental debate with myself about whether or not to run.  Then I try to convince myself I’ll go after work (haha, nice try self, but when has that ever happened?!).  The process of just getting myself outside is the hard part. Once I get going, I’m ALWAYS glad I did.

I was talking to my mom a week or so ago, and she mentioned this new book she’d read called In the Long Run.


She casually suggested I read it.  AKA she told me I needed to read it.  She told me why I needed to read it.  Then she told me once again that I should really really just give it a shot.  And then three days later the book miraculously appeared at my doorstop.  Funny how those things work, isn’t it?

I can’t fully recommend the book.  BUT I can recommend the first 104 pages (slowly but surely making my way through it Winking smile ).  It does have my mom’s stamp of approval though, and I’m pretty sure that’s the highest level of stamp a book can receive.

The one theme in the book that has really resonated with me so far is: “slow down, and you’ll go farther”.

When I woke up Sunday morning I REALLY wasn’t in the mood to run.  I felt groggy (even with 8 hours of sleep), so I made some coffee and cooked up my normal dippy egg + 3 egg white scramble + a toasted slice of Trader Joe’s sprouted bread.


Then I decided if I was going to run (which the jury was still out on), I’d need some extra fuel so I threw in a 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s plain vanilla greek yogurt (my fav) and some strawberries.  While I let all that deliciousness sink in, I started thinking about the book.

Slow down, and you’ll go farther.

It’s like I could hear my mom whispering these words in my ear.  Slow down, Mare.  Slow down….. That was enough for me to get my butt in gear.  Once outside I decided that rather than hitting the trail for my normal 3 mile loop, I’d head for the city for a leisurely uncharted jog.  2.5 miles into it, I felt like I could run a little farther than my normal 3 miles.  4 miles into it, my knees still weren’t bothering me.  5 miles into to, I was pretty much AMAZED at my progress.  And at an OUTRAGEOUS 6 miles, I was still holding steady at my normal 10 minute mile pace.

Never in my life have I ran that long.

HOLY COW.  Where did that come from?  I’ve been running 3 mile loops consistently for the last couple of weeks after FINALLY making it through my interval training and getting to the point of running without any walking intervals.  But going from 3 miles to 6 miles, no problem?  I’m still shocked.  On my normal 3 mile loop, I always feel like DEATH at the end.  Like every last ounce of life has been sucked from my being and it’s all that I can do to drag my feet back to my condo.  Is that because I have a predetermined route in mind and I’m just hurrying to get to the end?  Is it really just in my head?  Just HOW far can I run if I set out with no plan in mind?  8 miles?  10 miles?!

I guess mom was right.  Maybe I’ll actually finish this book, unlike the 5 others I currently have in progress Smile

What’s the farthest you’ve ever ran?


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  1. I love Cake 🙂 More the band than the food, not a huge icing fan.
    But again, that is awesome! 6 miles makes me want to cry, but I got in a solid 4 once and pretty much felt like I wouldn’t ever get up off the couch again, but I’d like to get back up there comfortably sometime in the near future. You shall be my inspiration.

  2. What a great run! 🙂 I’ve been trying to up my running. I find that I am actually better than I think myself to be. I can actually go farther than I thought. Running is so much fun! 😀

  3. Kudos on 6 miles. I’m pretty sure those are the kind of runs that runners live for!

    P.S. She’s Going the Distance is on like 87% of my running playlists.

  4. hurray for going far! congrats.

    i’m going to put that book on my library hold list. with my new ridiculous commute, i am burning through books faster than i can find them, so i am always looking for new recommendations!

  5. Wow good job! I am not a runner, but I did start Couch to 5K once, and got to week 5 when I found out I was pregnant and quit. Sure, you can run and be pregnant, but I think I was just looking for a good excuse to quit and there it was! 🙂 But, I am impressed with your 6 miles.

    What I really got from this post: I also love Cake – the food and the band, I also run/walk/bike headphone-less and for the same reasons, and I also had the jock jams CD, but played it out so much that I cringe any time I hear any of those songs come on the radio. Cotton candy sweet as gold, let me see that tootsie roll….