Technology-1, Mary-0 (plus #giveaway)

So over the weekend, I decided to do a little housekeeping on the blog and categorize all of my old posts.  All 260 of them.  Just so that I could have a nice little category cloud on the right hand side of the screen (check that shiz out!).  Seemed like a fabulous idea, until last night I realized something I was doing was triggering random old posts to get flushed through the RSS feed.


I wish I could personally go into each and every one of your feeds and delete all the old posts.  I even tried to hack into a few of your accounts to no avail Winking smile

The only thing I can do now, is offer you free Greek yogurt!

YoCrunch recently sent me a free coupon to give to a reader for their new YoCrunch Greek Yogurt line:


Honey, blueberry, peach, and strawberry low-fat Greek yogurt all ready to be mixed up with their all-natural low-fat granolas.  Ummm sign me up!  Or actually sign YOU up.

Just post a comment on this post (about anything your heart desires), and I’ll randomly select a winner Monday evening.

Good luck, and sorry if I made a mess of your RSS feed Smile


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  1. I would LOVE to have the honey greek yogurt!!

    PS…I was SO confused as too why I missed so many of your posts that popped up in my news feed! HA. Now I understand why….I love your blog, Mary! Hope you have a great Sunday! 🙂

  2. Is “your” Greek yogurt as good as FAGE Greek yogurt (no crunchy or extras)? Love ALL your Blogs.

  3. I enjoyed reading your entry about your trip to Trader Joe’s and MELT! I would love to get out to Cleveland someday to eat some grilled cheese.

    And I’d love to get out to that market out there (Westside Market?).

  4. I loooove greek yogurt! I only recently tried it for the first time, I can’t get over how thick it is, like ice cream!

  5. The strawberry greek yogurt sounds so tempting, especially with the crunchy granola! Would love the opportunity to win some!

    1. For some reason I can’t post unless I’m hooked onto someone else’s reply.argh.

      I gotta say, the blogworld introducing me to Greek Yogurt has been the best food change ever in my life. Haven’t tried these yet, but want to!

  6. Read the fervent foodie blog every time you post … actually, your Fervent Foodie blogs make my day in an odd way. So many cooking ideas and healthy eating tips I should be doing myself. Baked broccoli is by far my favorite and I would never have known about it until your blog. Have always wanted to try Greek yogurt but forget to crap it while I’m shopping. Would love to try some and would have the coupon as a reminder to get it 🙂