The first time I saw Nix, I got the vibe that it was some crazy heavy metal bar.  A biker bar perhaps.  Well, at least a place where short skirts and sleazy guys might hang out.

I mean, they DO have FLAMES in their logo:


Even with this uncertainty, I’m still a sucker for a good deal.  I scored a deal for Nix—a $25 gift certificate for a measly $2???  Who cares what sort of crazies might patronize the place.  (Side note – if you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to and input “FLAG” in the promo code—currently, it will save you 60%!).

This past weekend we FINALLY stopped into Nix, and WOW was I (thankfully) wrong!

Even though the flame theme carried on inside, it was in a much classier sort of way than I had envisioned.  I mean, check out the guy in the tie!


Live music is ALWAYS a plus!


So dinner at a burger bar, and did either of us order burgers?  No ma’am.  Blasphemy, I know.  Instead I ordered the Spicy Southwestern Chicken, which had pepper jack cheese Red heart, fresh green chili salsa, red onion Red heartRed heart, and chipotle ranch.


It was served over a bed of lettuce, so it was basically a big super tasty Mexican salad.

BF got the El Paso Me Chicken sandwich, which was basically my meal on a bun plus guacamole and creamy queso:


We both got the cucumber salad as our side, and we were both super impressed with our dinner.  Two HUGE thumbs up for Nix.

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Hard to believe that was nearly a week ago!  Where the heck did this week go?  Oh that’s right, food poisoning sucked up nearly two days.  Sick smile

(Nix did not give me the bug, just to be clear!)

I’m not sure what’s worse—getting food poisoning at a restaurant or getting food poisoning from a meal you cooked at home.  What do you guys think?  I’m thinking it’s worse at home.  Now I want to throw out EVERYTHING in my kitchen.


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  1. Food poisoning? With e-coli scare, who knows what’s in our food? In 1992, night before Brent and I were to catch a flight home from Paris, got so sick after eating at a Pizza place, wondered how I’d ever make early flight, but we did. Night clerk at the hotel said to “sleep it off” like he thought I was drunk? Not on one glass of wine (can’t get a martini in France),