Friday Night Kabobs

While talking to my sister on the phone tonight I came to an odd realization.  Even though I have gobs more free time (compared to a month or two ago), I feel as if I have no time to myself.  What the heck have I been doing with all my free time?  Your guess is as good as mine my friends!  I guess I’m still getting acclimated to the big move.  My brain must need some serious veg time.

Speaking of a serious amount of veg, tonight I cooked up some chicken and veggie kabobs on the BF’s outdoor George Foreman grill:




I used a McCormick’s Peppercorn Garlic marinade packet on the chicken, and it was terrific!  Kudos to you McCormick!

I’ve been debating on whether to get an outdoor grill like the BF’s outdoor George Foreman Grill.  OR get the GRIDDLER that I’ve been pining over for nearly a year.

George Foreman Outdoor Grille:


Versus Cuisinart Griddler:


Yes, the George Foreman Grille can hold a whole heck of a lot more meat, but check out what I could do with the Griddler..



Open face grill… griddle… or half grill half griddle?!


Don’t act like you aren’t impressed.

Decisions decisions…

In other news, I’m taking my very FIRST BODY PUMP class tomorrow.  I’m excited.  And scared.  Mostly scared Smile

How about ya’ll? Winking smile Any big plans this weekend?


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  1. The George Foreman grill is pretty handy, but SUPER annoying to clean. However if you need a grill and want one you can set up on your countertop you can’t go wrong. On another note, did you know he has like 6 songs and they’re all names George Foreman?? Every time I hear that it boggles my mind.
    Good luck with body pump 🙂

  2. I love kebabs..they feel so summery! I load mine with mostly veggies and make a really tasty marinade of pineapple juice, French dressing, tabasco, and chili powder. Super good