Hello, Cat. Please exit the bag.

After months of secrets, I can finally breathe.

In through the nose, outtttttttt through the mouth. 


I am not one to make quick decisions.  Nay, I meticulously calculate my options, play out multiple scenarios in my head, get outside (often competing) opinions, then get slightly defensive… then I go home, sit by myself for long hours on the couch staring off into nothingness and let my subconscious battle it out.

When I speak up about something, it’s usually because I’m about to make a move.  Take for example the (admittedly) over-priced pair of yellow flats I had been secretly drooling over for weeks:


By the time I IMed a friend at work to express this longing desire, I already had the shoes in my Amazon shopping cart.  What may have seemed like a knee-jerk purchase was actually a thoroughly pined over plan.


Anyway, back to the cat.

About four months ago, my BF picked up and moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue a job opportunity.  I was a wreck, I’ll admit it.  Months before the move we had toyed with the thought of living in the lovely city of Charlotte.  I had an increasing itch to spread my wings, but relocating to a whole new state seemed impractical and unattainable.

When the BF first moved, everyone’s question for me was whether or not I too was moving.  Those that know me well know that it would go against my nature to drop everything I had going for myself just for a guy.  Even if that guy happened to be wildly attractive and uncannily good-natured, it just wasn’t “Mary.”

It was going to take something awesome.  Some amazing opportunity to rip me from the rut I’d fallen into.  Something I could be excited about with or without the BF nearby.  Realistically, there is no guarantee he’ll be in Charlotte for an extended period of time.  So, in my mind relocating had to be a decision I made non-contingent on the BF’s state of residence.  A decision I would be happy with even if it meant being solo in the city.

Decisions, decisions.


It’s crazy to admit, but I think a lot of people look down on women who are career focused.  For me, my career is what I have.  It’s what I’m most passionate about (next to food of course).  When push comes to shove, I have me and I have my career (and my veracious appetite).  And I want to see both of these things be the very best that they can be.

So what about that pesky cat?

I had a gut feeling Charlotte could provide me with a lot of opportunities career-wise, but I wasn’t going to jump the Ohio ship until I had really processed everything. 

So when I had not one but two amazing offers presented to me back in December, I had A LOT of analyzing to do.  After pretty much frying my brain in this process, I got what I was looking for:  an outstanding new job opportunity right smack dab in Charlotte, NC that I can honestly say I is an opportunity I am EXCITED about.  I’m excited for the new challenges it will bring and for the immense opportunity for growth it will provide.

So what I’m saying (to officially let that darn cat out of the bag) is that in just 5 short weeks, I’ll be walking away (ok driving away) from Ohio and headed to Charlotte, baby!

DSCF5630Good thing these shoes look good from the backside 😉

So to recap for those of you who are allergic to cats as am I:

  • Well it’s tax season, folks. I’m under a wee bit of stress.
  • On top of all that craziness, I need to wrap up loose ends at old job (so I don’t leave my lovely coworkers hanging)
  • Sell (or rent) my house
  • Find new lodging… the moving trucks are reserved… but the final destination is still unknown. Eek!
  • Pack up all my crap
  • Find property management co to rent house (if it doesn’t sell)
  • Keep house OOBER clean in case a potential buyers want to see it
  • Move alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of my crap.
  • Move into new (yet-to-be-determined) lodging
  • Start new job.


I need a marg.


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  1. Congratulations! I bet you will love living down south! My boyfriend and I are in a very similar situation right now, hope it works out as well as yours seems to have.

  2. Super excited for you! also.. I loved the photo analogy with the shoes.. glad you bought them.. now that you have taken enough pictures of them.. maybe try them on? 🙂

  3. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!

    that is awesome. super great to not have to deal with a long distance relationship anymore because i know how hard those are (it makes it extra nice when you are finally together again)
    good luck!!

  4. First, those flats are great (and that’s coming from a heels girl).

    Second, good for you for being so career focused! I am as well because, though I’m married, it’s also what I have.

    Third, never been to Charlotte, but heard great things!