Weekend Fail.

Going into the weekend, I had one goal:  to find the new Luna Bar flavors and devour mass quantities of them.  For those who aren’t maniacally obsessed with luna bars ….   For those who have been living under a rock!!! …  ahem…  for those who aren’t aware, the new flavors are Chocolate Chunk and the highly coveted Chocolate Dipped Coconut.

Saturday afternoon I was out running errands when I got wind of a winter storm a brewing.  So I decided to high tail it to Whole Foods in Cleveland so that I could snag the new Lunas.  I even called the store ahead of time to make sure that they had the new flavors in stock.  As an added bonus, I planned to swing by Trader Joes which is right down the road from Whole Foods.  It’s not often I make this trip up to Cleveland, so I had already started mentally drafting a lengthy list of goodies to pick up.

About 20 minutes into my drive the freezing rain started.  No worries I thought.  I’ve got this.  Zoom zoom Mazda, zoom zoom. 

photo (8)

A few miles passed.

Ok Mazda, perhaps a little less zoom.

Let’s creep like a turtle instead, shall we?

The closer and closer I got the Cleveland the WORSE AND WORSE the weather got.  At one point traffic was stuck at a dead stop for a good 15 minutes, which I soon realized was due to an accident that had resulted in a car completely flipped over on the snow embankment.  I counted four accidents on my journey north.  And I’m not talking fender benders.  I’m talking the kind of accident you drive by and say “holy cow! how the heck did that happen!??!?”.

Perhaps this was a bad day to go to Cleveland…


When I finally arrived at Whole Foods, I was literally shaking.  I bolted inside and headed for the Luna Bars.  I quickly spied the Chocolate Chunk and grabbed two with gusto.  As I reached victoriously into the Chocolate Dipped Coconut box I realized, to my utter horror, that the box was empty.  They were sold out.  They were sans coconut goodness, if you will.

I had just risked my life, and they were sold out.

I stood in front of the Luna Bars motionless as defeat washed over me. 

As I turned to leave, I remembered that I was also super excited to try out the new blueberry muffin LaraBar.  Just as I headed to grab one, an old lady swerved her cart into the aisle and picked up the ENTIRE last box of blueberry muffin Laras and dumped them into her cart. 


I kid you not.  It was like a scene from Walmart’s toy aisle on Black Friday.

I turned away concealing my internal rage, bought my 2 chocolate chunk bars, and headed to the car. 

I immediately tore into the Chocolate Chunk Luna Bar.

photo (7)

photo (9)

This Luna Bar was definitely tasty, like a big chocolatey chewy graham.  It reminded me of the smore Luna a little too much though….

After all that nonsense, I decided to just go home.  No TJ’s shopping spree.  That’s right.  I drove all the way to Cleveland in an ice storm for 2 Chocolate Chunk Luna bars.



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