10 Tips for Tax Season

Those of you who are NOT tax accountants probably think of taxes on one of two days during the year:

a.) the day you get your w-2

b.) April 15th (AKA the day your tax return is due)

Ohhhhh how blissful that must be!  Tax accountants, on the other hand, live and breathe taxes.  We are number crunching, tax law massaging, carbo loading monsters this time of year.  Understandably, this season puts crazy stress on us and leads to periods of extreme unhappiness followed by periods of extreme slap-happiness in rapid succession.

Up and down, up and down.

Smile –> Sad smile  –> Surprised smile  –> Angry smile –> Rolling on the floor laughing  ->  Crying face  ->  Vampire bat

This is tax season #6 for moi and E.V.E.R.Y year I see myself and my coworkers fall into this instability.

Not this year, Uncle Sam.  Not this year. 

10 Tips for tax season.

  1. Find time for fun.
  2. Eat healthfully…  Especially when it’s 10 pm, you’re still at the office, and that Krispy Kreme donut has been calllllllllllllling your name all.friggin.day.
  3. Breathe.
  4. Exercise woman!  All that stuff about exercise and endorphins is true and don’t you forget it!
  5. Back.away.from.your.desk.  BACK AWAY.
  6. Smile.  Even it it hurts.  (AKA fake it til you make it, baby)
  7. DO NOT project your stress on to your lovely coworkers.  They’ve got enough poo on their shoulders without you flinging more at them.
  8. Go pee (you know you’ve been holding it for the last 2, possibly 3, hours)
  9. Dance.  Bust out at least one dance move, at a minimum, each day.  Work it…. workkkkkkk it.
  10. It’s just taxes.

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  1. i used to have to tell myself the last one alllll the time. i did audit work, so it was like… okay there are deadlines, but there’s no life or death situations. just do it and relax. i like these random dance moves. are you doing them in the office? 😛

  2. I’m hoping our blog relationship means I can hit you up for tax advice 🙂 Sayyyy right now! The BF and I bought a house, we’re unmarried, and have NO CLUE who is supposed to claim the interest and property taxes. Halp!

  3. FANTASTIC post Mary! If only more individuals would stick to that. LOL … Love #7 the most! Happy tax season and best wishes. You’ll do super as always. 🙂

  4. My husband is an accountant for a private company so he has busy times of the month instead of a busy season like most tax accountants. However, one of our best friends (who is literally at our house all the time) works as a public accountant and ALREADY he has started staying late (like 9pm) at work this week. I’ve been packing him meals and leaving leftovers in the fridge for him. I think I’m going to forward your list of stay-sane tips to him, haha!

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