10-Minute Taco Salad for One

When I was a kid, there were a few dinners that I got off the charts excited about.  Spaghetti, Meatloaf, Stuffed Cabbages, Steaaaaaak, anything involving potatoes, Paella, Hamburgers, Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese… ok maybe there were more than a few….  But one of the ULTIMATES was Taco Salad Night.  Just thinking about it makes my tummy rumble!

Last night, in anticipation of my very own Taco Salad Night, I pulled 4 ounces of 93% fat free turkey breast from the freezer to defrost.  I swear, freezing individually portioned meats (and meals) never ceases to bring me joy!

Four ounces of love:


All I could think about ALL DAY at work was TACO SALAD!  I’m talking a serious unable-to-computate-numbers craving.  I could barely make it til 5.  Thankfully, my tasty taco salad for one cooks up in ten minutes flat—sooooo, I didn’t have too long to wait once I finally arrived at home.

Feast yo’ eyes!


First up, I seasoned the defrosted turkey breast up with a little salt and pepper and cooked in a sauté pan until no longer pink.  Then I sprinkled on 1 tbsp of McCormick’s taco seasoning blend and a 1/4 cup a water, reduced the heat, and let the turkey simmer away until the liquid thickened.


Meanwhile, I put 1/2 a bag of romaine lettuce on a plate and topped with some chopped tomato, onion, banana peppers, 2 tbsp fat free sour cream, and the secret ingredient:  10 smashed up baked nacho cheese Doritos.

10 minutes to tasty!


When the hot meat hits the smashed Doritos and mixes in with the sour cream you get this deliciously cheesy slightly spicy oh-so-creamy sauce. 


LOVE this taco salad!

Stats on the taco salad:  368 calories, 34g carbs, 11g fat, 26g protein, 8g fiber



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