Bye bye New Orleans (part 4 of 4)

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Started with breakfast at a New Orleans staple:



The line outside of Mothers was a little intimidating, and we contemplated seeking nourishment elsewhere.  Much to our surprise, the line moved pretty fast… and even though there was an ADDITIONAL waiting line inside the restaurant we had food in front of us within 20 minutes of our arrival at the restaurant.

Unsuspecting diners waiting patiently for some grub:


Even though Mother’s is known for their ham, I have to say the BEST part of this breakfast were the homemade preserves that come with the biscuit. DSCF3878

I also ordered the Jerry’s omelet (egg whites, bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms, and turkey), which came with a giant blob of grits.  Bleh I hate grits.


The omelet was quite tasty as was the giant belgum waffle that Jarrod ordered:


After breakfast, we headed to the Corner Oyster Bar for some football!


Luckily, they had the Sunday ticket so we were able to watch the Saints game while simultaneously watching the Browns lose to the Steelers.  Awesome! :-/  Go brownies.


Showing some team spirit on the ceiling: DSCF3882

While watching the first half of the game, we ordered up some Down South Eggrolls:


They were delicious!

Here we go Brownies, here we go!


On the tour yesterday, the guide told us we had to try a gyro from Ali Baba because they are “just outta sight man!”  So at half time, we wandered over to try things out first hand. 


The goods:


Jarrod likes to pretend he’s a pirate anytime he eats a gyro. Haha 😀


So, this gyro was definitely tasty (but sorry NOLA, Nate’s Deli in Cleveland still has the vote for best gyro this mouth has ever tasted).

After the gyro, we headed back towards our hotel.


On the road again…. DSCF3892

Then decided to stop at the Checkered Parrot for the last quarter of the games.


Jarrod posing as a Saints fan in his newly acquired Saints T shirt:


One thing that I never got used to in New Orleans was being able to take our drinks to-go!  No open container law still boggles my mind.  But, it did make for some fun city strolling 🙂

Sometime after leaving the Checkered Parrot I fell into a food coma and forgot to take pictures the rest of the day.  I’m sure this coma was driven solely by excessive food consumption and had nothing to do with the cocktails I enjoyed during the game 😉

After the game, we headed back to the hotel for a 2 hour siesta, then we decided to grab some bruschetta at Primos (again)… we are such suckers for bruschetta!  Afterward, we started a trek to an Italian restaurant I had found online, got tired halfway there, and decided to eat dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe instead.  Lazy bums 🙂

We went with the twisted mac and cheese and hot fudge brownie bowl.  I’d say we made a very wise decision indeed!

Before heading home Monday morning, we had time for one last meal in the Big Easy.  We passed Daisy Dukes Express several times every day that we’d been in town, and given its close proximity to our hotel we decided to give it a try for breakfast.


The restaurant looked like a real hole in the wall from the outside, so we were pleasantly surprised by how nice the inside of the restaurant was!


Very clean and slightly swanky!  Love it!

Jarrod went with the Cajun Omelet:


Luckily I was able to steal a few bites of this beauty because it was fanfriggintastic!


I went with the standard 2 eggs over medium with hash browns and sausage:


HANDS DOWN best breakfast we had in New Orleans!

Daisy Dukes Express on Urbanspoon
Overall, and AWESOME few days away with the Man Candy.  I’d love to go back to New Orleans sometime so that I can check out the districts outside of the French quarter.  First stop though has to be Cafe Du Monde for a beignet!

For those who were wondering, we stayed in the Holiday Inn Express on Carondelet (technically in the Business district).  We got an AWESOME deal on this hotel (only $60 per night–BALLER!).  The hotel included free wi-fi (obvious necessity), free continental breakfast, and it was only 1 block to Bourbon Street.  Everything in the French Quarter was in walking distance, and we did not rent a car.  Taxi to and from the hotel was $33 (for two people) each way.  Overall, I was really happy with the hotel.  Anytime you are looking for a good bargain, you have to be willing to make sacrifices.  The Holiday Inn express was clean, but I did notice a lot of the repair work on the building was not so great.  Give me a clean room, comfy bed, and good location, and I can overlook crooked electrical outlets and  slow draining showers.

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  1. yum… all of your eats look fabulous… and of course, you HAVE to try something that comes with a review of ” just outta sight man! ” 😀

    awesome !

  2. Why does J-rod act like a pirate while eating a gyro? What does being a pirate have to do with gyros??? Silly Miracle Bus.

  3. Stumbled across your blog on accident and felt compelled to comment since I just got back on Monday from an almost identical trip to see the Browns play the Saints. It was a great time.

    I stayed at the same H.I. Exp. on Carondelet and ate at a lot of the same places as you.

    I went to Daisy Dukes very late one night as I stumbled back to my room, and the catfish po boy I had was excellent. The staff was also very friendly, and I got a laugh and a high-five from one of them the next day as I walked to the quarter to find some lunch. I apparently made an impression.

    We went back to DD’s for breakfast before leaving town and I thoroughly enjoyed my seafood omelet. This place will no doubt be my breakfast stop in the future whenever I’m staying within a short walk away.

    There’s another place almost right next to Daisy Dukes called Hobnobbers, and if you navigate through the bar in the front there is a tiny restaurant in the back. We had lunch there while waiting to check in to our hotel, and the fried seafood platter was huge and of excellent quality, IMHO.

    The fascinating thing to me about NOLA is that even when you’re trying to eat at “dive-y” places on the cheap, it’s still somewhat hard to find bad food.

    Great blog. Appreciate the pictures you posted.