The weekend in food

Friday night started off with a glass of:


Good way to start the weekend right? 🙂 The picture is not blurry due to the wine consumption, I promise!  I can only find this Promisqous wine at Target (and it runs about $10 a bottle).

For dinner, the BF and I slapped together a quick pasta dinner.  We used some Barilla Plus pasta with Classico Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pasta sauce along with some roasted broccoli and blackened chicken:


Delicious, and only took 15 minutes from start to finish!  Cannot complain!  I also mixed up a side salad with random leftover veggies we had in the fridge:


Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head to Columbus for a wedding.   I LOVE weddings!  Good food, drinks, dancing… it’s the perfect fun night out! 

For breakfast, I had the new Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar:


WOW.  I intended on only eating half of this sucker, but it was so good I was physically incapable of stopping.  Even though it was slightly dry/crumbly, it tasted AWESOME! 

While enroute to Columbus, we got stuck in traffic for a solid hour.  So by the time we got to Easton, we were ready to down some serious food. 

Enter giant martini glass full of bruschetta:


Are you kidding?  Jarrod got this last time he was at Bar Louie in Columbus and was SUPER excited to order it again.  I can see why!

For our main dish, we split a buffalo chicken sandwich:


Neither of us realized the sandwich was fried, which was kind of a bummer.  But I guess the delicious melty blue cheese made up for it!

After Bar Louie it was time to head to the wedding!  But first a pit-stop and Cheryl & Co. to pick up a cookie!


I love that everyone has their pumpkin flavors out!!!  I’m obsessed!  This cookie was delish, though it was pretty sugary.  I’m pumped to make my special pumpkin cookies in the very near future!  Keep an eye out for the recipe 🙂

On to the wedding:


The wedding was at the Four Seasons just outside of Columbus and it was so beautiful!  Not only was the scenery and ambiance great, but the wait staff were super attentive and friendly!


Lake view:


After the ceremony, we headed inside the Four Seasons for some grub.  I went with some cheese, fruit, spinach pie, and an unpictured shrimp wrapped in bacon (which was definitely the STAR of the show!):


Fall is in the air!  Hooray!


Next up was the ceaser salad (BF’s favorite)


Then some photo ops:




Now for the serious “prom-picture”


This is more like it!


Tracy & Eric


You might not find this interesting, but this roll was  I love bread.  Love I say!


Two options for dinner:  Chicken and steak.  Both with mashed potatoes….


 I think I could have ate my weight in the mashed potatoes.  Just sayin.


CAKE time!  I think the cake cutting is one of my favorite parts of the wedding reception 🙂 


Dancing newlyweds:


Annnddd back to the cake!  It was a layered cake with chocolate and vanilla, and a chocolatey cherry goodness layer in the middle: 


What a fun night!   Congrats to Ashley and Eric!!!

Sunday, we woke up and headed to Bob Evans.  Why Bob Evans you ask? 


‘Nuff said.  Coupon queen strikes again.  BTW – if you sign up for BE mail, you too can have a BOGO Bob Evans coupon!

Get in mah belly:


Of course we ordered two decadent breakfasts to share:




After breakfast, we headed to Polaris to get our shop on.  While there, I snagged my first Pumpkin Latte of the season from Starbucks:


Jeallouuussssss?  😀

For lunch we headed to Mellow Mushroom.   


Remember when we went to Mellow Mushroom for the first time on our vacation to Charleston?  We pretty much adored the restaurant, not only for the funky atmosphere but more importantly because the food is so downright delicious.

Since we tried their pizza last time, this time we went with the Spinach Artichoke Dip:


And then split a small chicken parmesan sub:


The dip and sub did not disappoint.  I literally licked my spoon clean!

After lunch, we headed back to NE Ohio.  Got caught up on a ton of work/errands, sold a car… you know, the usual Sunday evening type stuff. 

By the time dinner rolled around, I had my heart set on one thing and one thing alone:


Ok make that two things.  Wine and cereal!  Sounds like a disgusting combo, but it’s one of the weird random things I crave late at night! 

A few short hours later, Monday morning arrived and I was up and at ‘em.  On the breakfast agenda today was some HOT oatmeal with brown sugar and 12 grain bread. 


For some reason, oatmeal and brown sugar takes me back to my youth.  Especially when I get overly excited and burn my mouth on the oatmeal.  Oh life. 🙂

On that note… here are the winners of the Bruegger’s Bagel Giveaway!!!

#9 Katie @ Healthy Heddleston

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#1 Liz Runs DC

#18 Poiseinparma

#22 Jessie

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  1. oooh i remember buying that wine just for the name. i don’t think i liked it though. cheryl & co cookies YUM! i want a pumpkin one! cute wedding pics 🙂

  2. Score!! Made the blog again! That’s a great pic of Ash and Eric dancing, you should send that to her. Also- did you guys do anything else, other than eat? Ha!