Something to brighten my day

Look what I just got from Dorry!

I am beyond excited to try out these new flavors of Larabars and also the 8Rabbits bar!  Dorry you are such a sweetheart!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

I love getting pacakages in the mail, especially from a new friend!  It’s like having a pen pal in a foreign land 😀

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  1. Dorry is So Awesome 🙂

    The new Laras are yummy, and you’re going to LOVE that 18 Rabbits… one of my favorite bars!

    I love getting things in the mail too – it *IS* like a pen pal when it’s a gift from a blogger friend 🙂

  2. I’m about to bite into my chocolate chip brownie larabar! I have never had this flavor and found at this new organic store that just opened up nearby. They had EVERY single kind!! Let me know if you want me to send you some! =)

    I also purchased stoneyfields fat free frozen yogurt. Strawber licious flavor!! Can’t wait to try tonight!