Fake-Out Dippy Egg(s) & a Giveaway Winner!

First off, breakfast! 

I’m a big BIG fan of eggs for breakfast.  I’m sure you have all heard the debates on whether or not the egg yolk is good for you.  Well, I’m no nutrition expert (that is for sure), but I tend to follow the “all things in moderation” type of thinking.  In any given week, I eat eggs for breakfast (on average) 4-5 days.  In an effort to help out my cholesterol levels, I typically only eat 1 whole egg per breakfast along with a few egg whites (usually 3).  This way I get my beloved eggs and my much needed protein without taking in too much cholesterol.

During the workweek, I often make up a large batch of scrambled eggs or baked eggins that I divide up into several containers and then pair with some sort of veggie.  I love this grab-and-go breakfast during the week, but on the weekends I take the time to make the eggs fresh and how I actually prefer them:  dippppppppppy. 

Today, I made my dippy eggs fake out.  First, I scrambled up three egg whites that I seasoned with S&P and red pepper flakes.  When the egg whites were almost cooked through, I added a whole egg to the pan and seasoned with S&P:


I cooked the eggs for precisely the amount of time it takes my bread to toast (that is an exact unit of measurement 😉 ), then I flipped the whole egg over for just a few seconds until the top set up but the yolk was still ooey gooey.

Egg whites onto the plate:


Dippy egg on top and 12 Grain Bread along side:


Then I broke the yolk and let it ooze down over the scrambled egg whites:


Mmmmmm… I love a good egg yolk. 


Using this “fake out” it’s like I’m getting a plate full of dippy eggs, but only the cholesterol and fat of 1 whole egg.  YUM.



First thing, first, I copied all the comments into Excel because that is what any self respecting accountant would do 😉

Then I removed comments that didn’t count (ahem, Allison… 7 posts still only gets you 4 entries… haha)

Then I used Random.org’s true random number generator to select a winner….

And the lucky winner is:

Hallie at Healthy Twists!!!!!

Yay!  Hallie, please email me your mailing address (ferventfoodie@gmail.com) and I will forward to Adora!

Keep an eye out for another giveaway next week!  All I can say is I’m super excited :)  And thank you everyone for checking out my blog.  Each of your comments brightens my day!


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  1. Wahoo! Thanks. Allison…don’t be discouraged, haha. You can buy Adora at Whole Foods. I’m just too lazy (and cheap) to go over there.