I made it to the HLS

I am exhausted, so this post is gonna be a quick one.  Need to catch those zzz’s.  Here’s a rundown of my first day in Chi-town:

Woke up extra early this morning (hello 4:45am) to give myself plenty of time to get to the airport.  Subsequently missed the exit for the airport on the turnpike, which added 20 minutes to the drive.  Woops!  Then I parked in thee farthest spot in the parking lot, only to tote my two over packed bags to the furthest terminal (Cleveland Hopkins seriously needs a shuttle!). 

1 luna bar, 1 subway egg-white English muffin, and 3 cups of coffee later I arrived in Chicago! 

I met up with my roommate Haya (check her out at TrainingtoLive, and Sarah from TheShuBox, and Meg of BeFitBeFull for lunch at Luna.

After some help from the waiter, I went with the shitake mushroom quesadilla:

 It was DELICIOUS.  Definitely check this place out next time you’re in Chicago!  I also want to mention how cool it was to be sitting at a table of awesome ladies and ALL of us were snapping photos of the food!  Usually it’s just me being the “weird” one.  Kind of liberating 🙂

After lunch, we took an Architect Boat tour.  I’m not super in to architecture, but I DO love boats, sunshine, and taking pictures 🙂

Here’s a few of the pics for your viewing pleasure 😀



 After the boat tour & some much-needed showering, we headed to the LaSalle Power co for a cocktail party:

The grub:

Check out our swag bag goodies:

On that happy note, goodnight friends!

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  1. glad you’re having fun! see i’m commenting here instead of texting…and you should’ve just taken 480 to the airport exit! can’t miss it (and no tolls!). so jealous that you’re there!

  2. I’m so excited to have met you, and had so much fun hanging out with you this weekend!! I’m also super excited to start reading your blog

    On a totally unrelated note, that short black building to the left of the Sears Tower is where I work.