Good things come to those who blog

First thing first, check out this video of Caitlin on The Today Show for her project Operation Beautiful.  I cannot wait to meet Caitlin at the Healthy Living Summit next week!   Super excited 😀

Last Friday, I made a confession on my blog.  I indeed hoard the Smucker’s blackberry preserves when there are leftovers from breakfasts at work.  For some reason, the catering company we go through hasn’t been bringing blackberry preserves the past few months!  😥  We have an abundance of strawberry and grape jelly in the break room–but no blackberry preserves.  I’m not a big fan of jelly….  I love the seeds and tartness of the preserves.  Jelly just tastes cheap to me.  I guess I just have a high-class palate 😉 

To make this situation worse, I was down to my last blackberry preserve packet, which I have been hoarding for quite some time.

The other day, I got this photo via text from my friend Jaci, who happens to work for the jelly company in question:

Are you kidding????????  Tim (jaci’s BF) dropped the preserves off to me today, and I now have a total of 54 single-serve blackberry preserves in my possession!  AMAZING :mrgreen:

Breakfast #1

Day #4 of eggins & broccoli (with reduced sugar Heinz Ketchup):

This is what happens when I get super busy… Same foods day in, day out.  Good thing they were tasty!

Breakfast #2

You guessed it – overnight oats 😀

Every time I eat overnight oats I am momentarily awe-struck by how amazing they are.  I just love LOOOOVEEEEEE them!  So creamy and the absolute perfect complement to any berry!


I got home pretty late last night, and was having trouble finding something to pack for lunch.  I did some freezer diving, and found some taco meat I had cooked up and frozen a while back.  HELLOOOOOO Taco Salad!

This salad consisted of 1/2 a bag of lettuce, 1/4 lb 92% taco seasoned ground beef, 1/2 a roma tomato, 1/4 chopped red onion, banana pepper rings, and 2 tbsp breakstone’s fat-free sour cream in a ridiculously large bowl:

I don’t usually put carrots in my taco salad, but this was the lettuce mix on sale at acme this week so I just embraced it:

Ready to chow!


Stats on lunch:  285 calories, 25g carbs, 8g fat, 27g protein, 12g fiber


Inspirational quote of the day:  There are no unreasonable goals, only unreasonable timelines.


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