I put ketchup on my ketchup

While on vacation in Charleston, we came across several touristy shops selling t-shirts with funny sayings.  Jarrod seriously contemplated buying me this T-shirt:

Hahaha… I do use ketchup quite frequently.  I’m just a class act like that 😉

Breakfast #1

Last in the trio of eggwhite/turkey sausage scrambles I made Sunday night… Served up with a dollop of you-know-what 😉

Stats on Scramble, Broccoli, & Ketchup:  180 calories, 10g carbs, 5g fat, 24g protein, 2g fiber

Breakfast #2

I started breakfast #2 off with some Blueberry Cho-cho-chobani:

Then I added some strawberries (in my hunger-tinged excitement, I forgot to use my flash…)

MMMMMMMM…. Come clooosssseeerrr:

So darn good.

Stats on B#2:  157 calories, 24g carbs, 0g fat, 14g protein, 1g fiber


 The turkey meatloaf I made last night was so yummy, I immediately had a craving for a meatloaf sandwich!  Needless to say, I was SUPER excited about my lunch today.  

I sliced up one of the turkey meat muffins:

I placed the cold slices of meatloaf on a Pepperidge Farm 7 Grain Deli Flat, and then added the star of the show:  KETCHUP.

That’s what actually made me think of the ketchup on ketchup T-shirt.  Even though my turkey meatloaf had ketchup mixed in and was thoroughly basted with ketchup before baking, I still needed to put some ketchup on my leftover meatloaf sandwich 😀

Match made in heaven:

Heinz — if you’re looking for a new “face” for your ketchup, have your people contact my people.  ferventfoodie@gmail.com 😉

On the side, I also had a cup each of roasted cauliflower and broccoli:

One AMAZING lunch:

Makes me feel like a kid again 🙂

Side note

Over the weekend I made the BF a beautiful banana granola parfait.  Apparently he liked it so much, he decided to recreate it in my workweek absence:

I love that he even went the extra mile and put it in a pretty glass.  Sometimes ya just gotta treat yourself, am I right? 

QUESTION:  What is your FAVORITE condiment?  OR do you like ketchup on your ketchup? :mrgreen:

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  1. my fav condiment is probably dijon mustard. i LOVE it on sandwiches. it’s so delicious!!! i also love guacamole on my sandwiches, but i don’t think that qualifies as a condiment. it’s delicious though!

  2. cayenne pepper on everything. is that a condiment? also, i noticed you use paper plates quite a bit and was wondering if you thought of the environment before doing so? i think of the environment every time i throw something recyclable in the trash and say ‘oh well, maybe next time’ just wondered if you did the same 🙂

    1. That is SO funny you brought that up!! I used to keep a set up utensils in my desk drawer, and today I noticed my spoon is mysteriously missing so I’ve been having to use plastic ones! I’ll make it my weekend go-green initiative to get some reusable plates and spoons in your honor 🙂

  3. i love love love love ketchup too! omg. i use wayyyyyyyy too much when i eat it. i soak my french fries in it. i’m gross. hahah you should be the heinz face!! have you tried the blueberry fage yet!?

  4. I love the “Mary” signature! My fave condiment is more food on top of whatever I’m eating . . .

  5. Hey Mare–did you get your strawberries from Jen? I’m going to try a nut butter wrap this morning for the first time!