Busy Bee & I miss running

Tonight has been one of those nights where I haven’t stopped moving since the moment I got off work.  Walked in the park with my sister, grocery shopping, mowed the lawn, laundry… and it’s after 9 and I’m pooped!

Tomorrow I am volunteering with the United Way of Summit County for the Day of Action.  I decided I’d try and pack some healthy snacks to take along since I know they will be providing us with some unhealthy temptations.  (I’m sure I’ll succumb to at least one 😉  )

Walking in the metro parks this afternoon really got my desire to start running churning again.  I would consider myself an active person since I’ve played soccer since elementary school, and I just generally enjoy being outside and moving around.  A few months back I decided to start running and I loved it!  I felt like I had found a new passion.  Running first thing in the morning really energized me for my day, and I felt absolutely great.  But unfortunately I injured my knee.  Still not entirely sure what happened there.  The doctor tells me “some knees just aren’t made for running.”  I’m not ready to accept that.  I hate doctors.  But that’s a different blog for a different day.

I stumbled upon this website which gives a plan for building yourself up from walking to running.  Stamina is not my issue — I can run 5K no problem (well before the knee issues began that is).  I think what I need to focus on is not stamina but strength. 


The Plan (3o minutes per day, 3 days per week):

Week #1: Two minutes running/four minutes walking
Week #2: Three minutes running/three minutes walking
Week #3: Four minutes running/two minutes walking
Week #4: Five minutes running/three minutes walking
Week #5: Seven minutes running/three minutes walking
Week #6: Eight minutes running/two minutes walking
Week #7: Nine minutes running/one minute walking
Week #8: Thirteen minutes running/two minutes walking
Week #9: Fourteen minutes running/one minute walking
Week #10: Run the whole time!

I guess the worst that could happen is my knee will hurt, and I’ll have to stop.  I think I’m going to give it a shot!  I’m just hoping the knee can handle it.  Also, how the heck do I keep track of my time in 2 minute intervals?  Maybe there’s an iphone app….  Haha.. of course there’s an app 😉 

As of yet, no big plans for the weekend and no new recipes scheduled for experimentation.  But I did find this little message in a treat I had earlier this week:

Now I have to do something new!  I’m really funny about messages like this, or even messages that come in fortune cookies.  I often carry them around in my wallet as a reminder to think positively and enjoy everyday.  Somtimes you just need a visual.

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  1. Nice thoughts–love it. BTW, you DO like the eggplant fritters that Krista makes, so we should get the recipe and you should cut eggplants some slack! Viva la eggplant!!!

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