Taco salad does the trick

This morning started off on the right foot:  Trader Joe’s coffee for the road as I headed to a breakfast meeting for Akron’s Knowledgeable Network of Women. 

Check this guy out, he thinks he lives at my house:

I also have a stray cat who calls my side porch home.  I’ll take these guys over the possum who had a brief stint in my backyard :-/   Ugh, possums are so creepy!

On my way to the breakfast meeting, I started to recall the days where I loved breakfast/lunch work meetings.  The more the better!  Bring on the free food!  Pass the rolls!  Dessert?  I’ll take one of each, thank you!  Nowadays I dread them.  It’s so hard to make healthy choices when you have no idea what the restaurant is actually putting in the food.  Unless I’m at a chain restaurant that posts the nutritional data online, I have thee hardest time picking out the healthy choices on the menu.  It can be downright frustrating!

Today’s meeting was at a small locally owned restaurant, so I was left to fight the battle on my own.  I went with a plain english muffin (no butter, thanks) with blackberry preserves and a bowl of fruit.  What I REALLY WANTED was the strawberry stuffed french toast… Maybe I’ll attempt a healthified version this weekend 🙂

Check out the KNOW by clicking here.  I always encourage people to get involved and do something that is outside their comfort zone.  That’s exactly why I joined the KNOW a few years back.  I HATED networking events and always felt uncomfortable entering a room full of unknowns.  I’ve made drastic improvements since then.

For breakfast #2 I decided to go with my newly declared indulgence:  Dannon Vanilla Greek Yogurt, blackberries, and 1/2 a serving of Bear Naked Maple Pecan granola.

Stats of B#2:  190 calories, 31g carbs, 2g fat, 15g protein, 3g fiber




I really didn’t have a plan of attack for lunches this week.  While scrounging around in the freezer looking for hidden treasures, I found some frozen lean ground beef I had cooked up with taco seasoning a while back.  So I decided to make a taco salad using romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, and black beans (STILL trying to use these up from the stuffed peppers I made last week!).  Topped it all off with some hot sauce and some fat free breakstones sour cream.

The best part of eating salads for lunch is you can consume an enormous amount of food and still feel good 😀

Stats for the taco salad:  326 calories, 32g carbs, 10g fat, 29g protein, 9g fiber

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  1. Are the beans still good after a week? And I’m amazed that you have leftovers! In my house, they’d be gone the same night . . .