Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Whenever I think of the word “Sunday” in my head, I automatically hear “Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!” (think football/race announcer guy Jan Gabriel).
When I woke up this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! 😉  my body was begging for three things:  Coffee.  Eggs.  Ham.

So after throwing some coffee on, I got to work on a 4 egg white scramble with leftover deli ham from the jewelry party I had last week.   

4 egg whites, splash o' skim, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes


I also had some potatoes on the side.  That’s one of the best things about being at the BF’s — he keeps a GIANT container of pre-baked potatoes in his fridge.  😀   



Once the eggs were pretty much done scrambling,  I threw the ham and potatoes into the pan to heat up.  And breakfast was served!   

Sunday morning breakfast


After breakfast, I hunkered down and finally posted the clothes I’ve been wanting to sell on ebay.  I’m really glad to have that done with!  All that ebaying made me hungry, so I decided to give the barley breakfast bowl a go.   

My barley bowl consisted of 1/2 a serving of barley (cooked up last night and stuck in the fridge), 1 Chobani vanilla greek yogurt, and some blackberries and raspberries.   

Barley Breakfast Bowl


I loved the barley in the yogurt!  It was pretty filling too.    

I must be honest though, and this may be blasphemy, but I actually prefer dannon’s vanilla greek yogurt to Chobani!  I took a minute to compare the stats:   

Chobani has less carbs, more protein, and less sugar — so I’m hoping it grows on me!   

On the agenda today:   

  • Hit up the elliptical (Friday went well)
  • Finish light tent
  • Dinner with friends 😀

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