Leftovers makeover

I find most of my meal planning revolves around whatever leftovers I happen to have in the fridge.  On a typical day I am cooking for one person, which leaves me with the option to eat the same things for several days on end or reincorporate the leftovers into new dishes.       

For lunch today I wanted to use up some leftover chicken I had grilled up earlier in the week, and I had some leftover tomato sauce from the 10 cheese pizza I made Friday.  So I decided to make a chicken parmesan inspired wrap, healthified of course.  (AKA leftover chicken, leftover sauce , NO cheese, on a Joseph’s middle east bakery low carb pita–seasoned up with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and dried parsley)       

chicken parm wrap with roasted brussel sprouts


 Aren’t Jarrod’s dishes lovely? 😉    

After lunch we finished up the light tent.  Now we just need to get some lights!       


For my afternoon snack I had apples and some chocolate PB2.       


Chocolate PB2 = fabulous!  I need to work this into some shake recipes…        

Tonight we visited our friends Tim and Jaci at their newly purchased, exquisitely decorated townhouse.  Tim prepared a feast complimented with onions galore.       

Roasted potatoes with onions and green peppers, seasoned grilled asparagus, and jerk marinated chicken:      

dinner spread


Tim, The Chef, by the goods


Plate o' goodness


P.S. can’t wait to get my hair cut tomorrow!       

The man candy and his dessert 🙂





Happy Sunday!

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