Veggies–It’s what’s for dinner.

Earlier in the week, I came across a recipe for Grilled Black Bean and Rice Stuffed Peppers and decided to try them out for dinner tonight.  I omitted the oil and used brown rice, but otherwise followed the recipe and seasoned to taste.     

My pepper:     

Pepper with all the stuffings


 I went with a yellow pepper instead of green.  I’ve always thought that green peppers get this weird toxic taste about them when they are cooked.  I love raw green peppers but can’t stand em cooked.  Odd huh?     

All the veggies into the oven


Final Product!


 You would think the best part of these peppers would be the pepper itself — but you’d be wrong!  It’s the cilantro and lime combo!  I forgot how much I L-O-V-E that combination (could be because it SCREAMS chipotle).  All I needed was a big dollop of gauc on top.  Mmmm.     

Overall – two thumbs up on the peppers.  Next time I think I’ll make some sort of salsa or guac to go along side it.     

Stats on my pepper:  296 Calories, 62 Carbs, 3 Fat, 11 Protein, 11 Fiber  (that’s a lot of carbs… wonder if they make low-carb beans and rice?)     

First attempt at roasting veggies went ok (emphasis on ok).  I think I actually overroasted them, but despite that fact they were still super tasty.  I’ll have to play around with my roasting methods!

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