I am a food blogger.

A few months ago, I had no idea the world of food blogging existed!  What I love most about blogging about food is that I now have a creative outlet in life.  I get the opportunity to write about one of my greatest passions — FOOD — while simultaneously expressing my personal opinions and feelings.  How awesome is that?

My  boyfriend Jarrod posed a question that I found very interesting.  He asked which came first — the food blogging world or the movie Julie and Julia?  I must admit, prior to the movie I had never even considered starting a blog.  I knew I was passionate about food, but I figured nobody in their right mind would be interested in reading a blog that was just about food.  That is until I found a blog that was centered almost entirely on food and to which I was instantly enamored with.  (Thank you Peanut Butter Fingers!)  So I figured, what the heck.  It doesn’t really matter if anyone else enjoys the blog — all that matters is that I enjoy the blog.

So here I am.  A new blogger trying to find her way in this crazy blog world 🙂

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