It’s all Greek to me…

Suprisingly, prior to this morning I hadn’t taken the plunge to try Greek yogurt!  It’s in every magazine I read, I see it on all the blogs I follow, yet I’ve never tried it.  Why is that?  Whelp, I assumed it wouldn’t be very filling or satisfying compared to eggs and veggies or oats and fruit. 

Today my friends, I took this plunge via homemade fruit-on-thee-bottom Greek yogurt.  I threw a couple strawberries and some blueberries in my blender (are you sick of hearing about my new toy yet?), and pulverized the crap out of them. 

fruit in the tub


I didn’t have any granola in the house, so I brought a few shredded mini wheats and some chocolate oreos to toss on top 😀 

Fruit on the bottom.. er.. side


All together now


I liked the yogurt but I think next time I should get vanilla instead of plain.  Plain was just a little, well…  plain

PS:  breakfast #1 consisted of PB2, whole wheat bagel thin, and banana.  This was in replacement of my sante fe style eggwich which I mistakenly put ground cinnamon on instead of red pepper flakes!  UGH!  Cinnamon and red pepper flakes happen to be the only 2 jumbo size spices I buy 🙁 

PB2 banana goodness


Unhappy accident (as opposed to the happy accident I had last night): 

cinnamon on eggs = 🙁


For those of you who are wondering, I did actually try the cinnamon eggs.  Not a fan.

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