Snack, lunch, snack.


I missed my Sunday cookfest this week due to the long weekend (no complaints here), so my meals are a little helter skelter this week.  Today’s mid morning snack came in the form of some delightfully cheery mixed fruit.

Smile if you're hungry



Today, I had a lunch meeting with the speaker programming committee of Akron’s Knowledgeable Network of Women, for which I serve as the chair-elect for 2010.  We discussed a lot of great ideas for future luncheons including a presentation on the green initiative in Akron and also a hands-on workshop where we’ll sit down with a nutritionist and learn how to eat healthy when dining out (right up my alley!).

I ordered a salad with grilled buffalo chicken (hold the cheese please) and fat free ranch.  So I believe I did pretty good for this lunch meeting.  I was not able to muster the courage to take a picture of my food, however.  I guess I’m just not ready for too many people to learn about this lovely blog.  In time, that may change.



Little piece of heaven courtesy of my friend Jessie who was kind enough to be the guinea pig for a recipe I recently saw for chocolate covered peanut butter pretzelly goodness: 

Bite o' Heaven

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