Last day in Savannah

The last day of any trip is always bitter.  So bitter, that it has taken me an entire week to bring myself to recap our last day in Savannah.  I woke up feeling, well, bitter that our trip’s last day had arrived, but one last stroll through the City Market for breakfast at Henry’s sure did  help to sweeten things up.  Henry’s is a relatively new breakfast and lunch spot in Savannah, and we were surprised that there wasn’t a line out the door on a Sunday morning.  We were actually waited on by Henry himself!  How’s that for southern hospitality?

I loved the bright teal paint throughout the restaurant.

Savannah Food Foodie Vacation (1 of 12)

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Weekend in Savannah–Day 2

When I booked the weekend trip to Savannah I envisioned days filled with sunshine, spring flowers, and Spanish moss—a picturesque backdrop for hours of meandering about the historic city.

Boy was I wrong.

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Weekend in Savannah

We arrived in Savannah just before dinner last night, and we were raring to get out on the streets and begin exploring the culinary offerings of the city.  Our hotel (a Priceline score at $80 per night) is very close to the City Market area, so that’s where we headed.  The market area was full of people—diners, chatters, music players everywhere.

Our first stop was the Avia Lounge, which we picked simply because we were starving and it was the nearest restaurant to us.  Avia is in the Avia Hyatt hotel, and I was immediately impressed with the fancy-chic décor and beautiful chandelier.Savannah Food Foodie Vacation (3 of 11)

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Butterflies in my belly

Do you guys ever feel like you just need something to be excited about?  Something to give you that butterfly feeling in your belly like a kid counting down the days til Christmas?  I think I function best in life when I have something on the not-too-distant horizon to look forward to.  Something that can turn a frown upside down when I’m having a bad day, and that I can pour countless hours of research into when I have nothing better to do but piddle away hours and hours on the internet.

My friend Tracy and I were road trip buddies back in the day, and she knew to EXPECT a multi-tabbed excel spreadsheet and file folder full of research for every excursion we set out on. I do not mess around, people.  I’m not 100% sure what it is, but I just love the whole exploratory phase of planning trips and visiting new places.  That is probably somehow correlated to my obsession for trying new restaurants, huh?

Lately, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying immersing myself in my lovely new hometown of Charlotte.  Every weekend I set out to discover something new.  A new shop, a new street, and of course (at least) one new restaurant, but I still have that little craving deep inside for something bigger.  Something exciting.  Something I could research and plan the crap out of.  Tell me it’s not just me?!

I started adding a few things to the calendar here and there…  A trip home here, a weekend trip there…. and before I knew it my calendar runneth over with TRAVEL!

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • September – Trip home (haven’t been home since Memorial Day!)
  • October – Weekend Trip with the Man Candy to Atlanta or Savannah… can’t decide Smile
  • October – Food Blog Forum in Nashville with these gals:  Vanessa, Jamie, and Brooke!
  • October – Dallas for Training
  • November – FOODBUZZ FESTIVAL in San Francisco (shout out to Suki who I met at HLS 2010)
  • November – Additional weekend trip with the MC???  Where to go… where to go….
  • November – Home for Turkey Day
  • December – Orlando for Training
  • December – Home for Christmas

Whew!  That is a whole lot o’ traveling.  I can feel the butterflies starting to grow in my belly Smile

Any of you going to the Foodbuzz Festival or Food Blog Forum?

And what do ya’ll say about Atlanta versus Savannah?  Maybe we should do both?


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