Jimmy John is my fitness pal!

Lunch today consisted of Jimmy Johns!  I LOVE the unwich (lettuce wraps) you can get there.  It makes me really happy that our society is moving towards a healthier way of life.  More and more restaurants are adding “healthy” options to their menus and making it easier for us all to indulge without negatively impacting our waistlines.  Today I ordered the beach club unwich, hold the mayo, add onions (my FAVORITE vegetable).  Also got the ginormous pickle, but think half of that will have to wait til tomorrow.  That thing is just too much to handle in one sitting!

I’m obsessed with the website www.myfitnesspal.com.  This is a great website for monitoring the food and nutrients you take in on a daily basis and also keeping track of your exercise.  From using this site, I’ve been able to determine that my diet is really lacking calcium and potassium.  I’m going to start looking into way to supplement these nutrients this weekend.

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Compulsive shopping

Over the years, I have developed an addiction to eBay.  I love searching for good deals, but unfortunately the object of desire is not always what you expect it to be.  Pictures can be crazy misleading.  Case in point:  a FABULOUS pair of black strappy sandals I won last week that squeezed my feet like sad little sausages.

On the way home from work, I sent the shoes back to the seller and decided to stop at acme to pick up some ground turkey which was BOGO this week (HOLLER!).  Turns out, not all acmes run the same specials so my intended efficient pit stop was a waste.

I then went to MY acme to pick up the turkey and fell into a zombie like state that frequently washes over me when I enter a grocery store.  I’m instantly in awe of all the CHOICES and goodies on every corner and have to exert extreme self control to not start throwing things in my cart super-market-sweep style.  Today, I went in for ground turkey and left with quite a few other odds and ends.  One of which was some honey bunches of oats cereal.  I’m on a mission to find delicious and nutritious cereals.  I just LOVE cereal… If that were my only food weakness I’d be set, problem is I am a serious FOODIE.  I love food.  I love eating it, making it, reading about it, sharing it, researching it… on and on.  This poses a problem because I have also been on a mission to healthify my life in 2010.  So far so good.


P.S.  I started a food blog.

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