No-fuss Breakfast Tacos

When we moved to Columbus, we had a hard time finding a yoga studio we loved.  We tried at least a dozen studios but none were quite what we were looking for.  The problem was we were truly spoiled in Charlotte, living in walking distance to Yoga One in Plaza Midwood.  Yoga One had everything we were looking for:  a challenging flow, great instructors, and HOT ROOMS.  Eventually, I turned to online offerings, and I eventually found Pino Rizzi on Youtube.  Pino’s classes are the toughest at-home yoga videos I’ve found on the interweb, and we hit the mat one or twice a week for a Pino class from the comfort of our living room.  Though I’ve never met Pino, I often find his voice and phrases poking around my brain.  Things like:  ignite the yogi rock star within you or NO, I GOT YOGA as the response to anyone who asks you to get cocktails after work.  One of my favorite Pino-isms is “drop the extra.”  Extra in this context can be lots of things — unhealthy lifestyle choices, negative self-talk, or excessive stress, for example.  Pino says there just comes a point when all that “extra” just isn’t working and you just DROP IT.

In this spirit, I present the case of no-fuss breakfast tacos.  Why?  Because things don’t have to be so dang complicated.  Really simple things can be really wonderful things, and breakfast tacos are just that.  Do you have eggs and cheese and tortillas?  Then trust me, we can make something great, no recipes needed.  Those random odds and ends accumulating in the refrigerator door?  They’re about to be reborn.  Sauces and spreads and pickled what have yous–that’s the secret to a great breakfast taco.  No sauce on hand?  Mayonnaise.  Flavor needs some oomph?  Hot sauce.  Want to make things a little interesting?  Pickles.  Whether you have a quarter cup of leftover spaghetti sauce, a spoonful of kimchi, or leftover Chinese takeout, you have the tools to create the world’s best breakfast taco.

While fried eggs and scrambled eggs work great for breakfast tacos, I’ve recently become smitten with a new type of egg:  soft-scrambled.  The process is simple.  Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat.  Whisk some eggs in a bowl.  Once the pan is hot, add a small pat of butter (just enough to coat the bottom of the skillet), then add the eggs, and drop the heat to low.  Use a rubber spatula to move the eggs around the pan, moving them quick enough that nothing really starts to set on the bottom.  Continue this process for a few minutes until the eggs are nearly cooked through, then add some shredded cheese.  Pop the lid on the pan and turn the heat off.

For this round of breakfast tacos, I used soft scrambled Nellie’s free range eggs with Cabot Hot Habanero cheese plus some pickled red onions, avocado, and crunchy roasted chick peas.  Easy and delicious, no stress needed.

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