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Life is unpredictable.  You get stuck at the office, spend rainy days surfing Pinterest instead of grocery shopping, and sometimes feel just too darn tired to even lift a spatula.  We’ve all had these nights–ones when we secretly wish we still lived at home where mom would sense our hunger and home cooked meals would emerge from the kitchen faster than you could microwave some easy mac.  Sometimes, all we want is a hot meal ASAP without having to worry about who’s doing the dishes.  In the old days, when people wanted takeout, they’d hunt down a menu, scribble down orders, then call it in and pray that the person on the other end could understand over the loud bar noise (is that a screaming goat I hear?!) that  you wanted your dressing on the side, and light sauce on the pizza, and ABSOLUTELY NO OLIVES whatsoever.

While this dial-in method works, few can argue it’d be easier and more convenient to browse menus and place orders online in real-time.  That’s where comes into play. Users log into the website to browse menus and place food delivery orders, including special requests (extra cheese, please!).  Once submitted, the BringMeThat request is sent to the restaurant, and shortly after the patron receives an email letting them know how long it’ll be til the food arrives.

My first BringMeThat order was placed on a Saturday night at peak dinner time.  Within minutes of submitting my order for Libretto’s, a local pizza joint, I received a call from BringMeThat letting me know Libretto’s kitchen was backed up and it would be 90 minutes til the food arrived.  I was given the option of canceling the ordering or waiting it out.  I was STARVING, and very appreciative of this courtesy call, which is a standard BringMeThat procedure as the company strives for customer satisfaction and overall positive user experiences.

During the quick phone call, I was able to verbally cancel my order.  I then quickly submitted an online order for Intermezzo, one of my favorite restaurants in town.  Within minutes, I received an email letting me know the food would arrive in approximately 30 minutes.  To my delight, the grub arrived in 25 minutes, and I had a steaming plate of Intermezzo’s house-made ravioli in front of me just in the nick of time.

Later in the week, I gave Libretto’s a second shot, and my salad and sausage with broccoli rabe sandwich arrived in twenty minutes (10 minutes sooner than my email notification estimated)!

librettos salad

Though BringMeThat is new to Charlotte, the service, which started in my home state of Ohio, provides online ordering for nearly 3,000 restaurants in North Carolina and Ohio.

As with any new service, there are a few bugs to work out in the system.  Some of the Charlotte restaurant cuisines listed on the site are just plain inaccurate.  For example, my beloved Intermezzo, is listed as Brazilian and Irish when it’s actually Serbian and Italian.  Also, some of the menus don’t have the same level of detail included on the restaurant’s own website, and restaurant hours are not consistently listed.  The BringMeThat team is aware of these user pain points and will be working on adding additional data to restaurant descriptions and menu items in the coming weeks.  In Charlotte, many of the restaurants available on BringMeThat are for catering orders only, and the BringMeThat teams plans to add filtering options in the near future to improve ease of ordering.

Overall, I think this is a great service, and one that has potential to do well both in Charlotte and in other cities.  If you head on over to the BringMeThat Facebook page you can get $5 off your first order!



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  1. I love your blog! Your posts are so insightful and helpful. I wanted to comment because we have something in common, our beloved Intermezzo. I’m new to Charlotte and a new Charlotte blogger, so just wanted to leave a note. If you want to check out my blog (it’s really really new) you can at (I’m focusing on restaurants in Charlotte, and my post today was a review of Intermezzo).


  2. The large magherita pie, if you call Libretto and order it is $18.95. If you order from bring me the same pie is $22.95. This does not include any delivery charge or tip. I think it is very odd that someone would pay a middleman 21% for the exact same food and same delivery person just to avoid making a simple phone call.

  3. I really wish I’d had such a good experience. I’ve used BringMeThat twice and both times they’ve gotten the order, address and total charges (yes, all three both times) incorrect. This last time the restaurant owner actually had to ask me to call because they didn’t even know of the service, yet somehow ended up with my delivery order — which I’d never authorized. I was really sad 🙁

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