Farm-to-face: eating locally when dining out

Roots local purveyors

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If you’ve ever bitten into a tomato in midwinter and wondered how the mushy, lackluster mass was expected to pass for the vibrant, acidic burst a ripe tomato gives, you’ll understand one of the major perks of farm-to-table sourcing: seasonality.  While some diners expect restaurants to offer leafy green salads adorned with thick tomato wedges regardless of the season, there’s a growing movement focused on eating seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients.

Not only does this farm-to-table approach ensure the snozzberries taste like snozzberries, it also keeps more of your hard-earned money in your town, cuts down on transportation time and costs, click to continue reading

Check out the list of Charlotte’s farm-to-table restaurants!  

If a restaurant is missing, let me know and I will add it!

Roots local purveyors

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