Vino and carbo loading {the week in food}

If it weren’t for the random snapshots of food in my phone, I’d have no proof at all that a whole week slipped right through my fingers.  Of course by food I mean large amounts of wine and assorted carbohydrates.  And some chocolate, here or there*.

* here or there = everywhere

After last week’s flop (in which I was served a dish I didn’t order and left to eat it anyway), I was a little hesitant to plop down thirty big ones on another restaurant week dinner.  But the girls at work convinced me to join them at Pisces for some Asian cuisine.  There was a lot of sushi to choose from, but in an effort to meet my daily stress-induced carb quota, I opted for the shrimp and garlic noodles and some pork potstickers (that oddly reminded me of mini Mrs. T’s pierogies, and yes, that IS a good thing).

pisces collage

The $30 menu was a great deal, considering it came with a glass of wine and THIS chocolate cake…



For the rest of the work week, I subsisted on salads, oatmeal, and lentils and brown rice, and now the thought of lentils makes me want to ralph, so let’s just forget them for a few years.  Shall we?

When Friday night rolled around, and I was feeling absolutely exhausted and craving comfort food, it was time to hit up my old standby:  Hawthorne’s Pizza.

Enter the cajun shrimp and sausage pasta.  Hawthorne’s never lets a girl down.  It was AMAZIN.

hawthornes pizza cajun pasta

And so was the wine.  And the handful of Rollos I ate for dessert.

Saturday morning it was straight from Body Pump, to the shower, to work.  There wasn’t any wine at the office (why???), but there were some chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of a week moment I experienced at the grocery store that morning.

Lesson:  never grocery shop on an empty stomach, never EVER grocery shop during busy season.

After work, I stopped into Whole Foods Salud Cooking School for a Spanish-themed cooking class.  We made flatbread, shrimp, paella, and granita.  The team put me in charge of sampling the wine.  I obliged.

whole foods salud cooking school collage

And then there was Sunday:  work, work, and more work, with this turkey and brie on jalapeno cheddar smashed somewhere in between.

turkey and brie on jalapeno cheddar

At quitting time, I decided to finally fulfill a pizza craving that’s been nagging me for WEEKS.  I went to the grocery store to pick up the pizza dough, and literally almost cried when I realized they were sold out.  OK–so, there may have been actual tears in my eyes, and couple may have trickled down my cheek, but I pulled the whole thing off as a runny nose gone awry (for the most part).  I wandered aimlessly around the store, empty basket in hand, for about ten minutes, just a lost, hungry soul, before it dawned on me that I could MAKE my own dough.



Why did this take me ten minutes to realize?  More importantly, did I really  just cry publicly over pizza dough?

homemade sausage meatball pizza

Using Mark Bittman’s easy, no knead, food processor pizza dough recipe and some of  my meatballs, which I always have handy in the freezer,  I came up with this homemade meatball and banana pepper pizza.

meatball banana pepper pizza

Pizza dough + tomato sauce + meatballs + banana peppers + red onion + smoked Gouda + Parmesan + oregano

And I ate the whole thing, carbs and all.

What was the best thing you ate this week?

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  1. I completely agree with your first sentence. I have so many food experiences and if it weren’t for my phone, I’d have absolutely no proof. But then again, when I post to instagram, all my friends tell me they can’t look at mine without them getting hungry.