KLUTCHclub {review}

It’s no secret that I love getting packages in the mail.  Even when I know what’s inside, just seeing the box on my doorstep makes me giddy.  Plus, now that I’m an old fart, getting a sweet package in the mail is the closest I’ll ever come to recreating the excitement of ripping through Christmas wrapping paper as a child.

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about subscription box clubs.  Basically, these are “clubs” you subscribe to, and as a member of the club you get a monthly box of goodies (food, clothes, etc.) in the mail.  Sounds like my kind of club!

I had my eyes set on KLUTCHclub and Cravebox, and decided to give them both a shot.  I’ll get to Cravebox in a minute—lets talk KLUTCH box review now.

your klutch has arrived

One of the things I like about KLUTCHclub is that, unlike most subscription clubs, you can preview the box contents on KLUTCHclub’s website, before you sign up.  You’re also not required to sign up for a monthly membership–you can subscribe on a box by box basis, if you choose.  Besides the flexibility and full box disclosure, I also love that  KLUTCHclub is a health and wellness subscription company, so they send stuff that’s actually good for you—supplements, snacks, protein bars, fitness products, beauty products, online wellness memberships, and even gift cards on occasion.  The monthly KUTCHclub box costs $18.

Here’s what was inside the November box I received:

KLUTCHclub klutch box

The box also came with a little guide that explains each item and why it was included.

I was super excited for this box because I love trying out new food brands and products AND because I’ve been searching for a good pair of headphones FOREVER.  My ears are small and kind of hard, like little pointy elf ears, and no headphones I’ve tried stay in.  The November KLUTCH box included a pair of yurbuds, which retail for $30-$50.  Yurbuds are guaranteed to stay put in your ears—and after testing them while walking, running, and head banging (yes.), I can vouch for their promise.

Other than the headphones that I’m obviously obsessed with, I loved the DeVita chemical free natural eyeliner and Good Greens gluten-free natural raw bar bites!  I also started adding a tablespoon of the ground flax to my afternoon yogurt—gotta get the fiber in where you can.  All in all, I was impressed with my first KLUTCHclub box.

A few days later, the Cravebox arrived in the mail.  The Cravebox was the Cooking Light edition, and I was shocked to find it filled with random things I purposely pass up every week at the grocery store.  I adore Cooking Light Magazine, but the Cravebox was not reflective of the quality or content of the magazine.  There was nothing special or interesting, not to mention the box had nothing to do with cooking.  So disappointing!

Based on my experiences, I definitely recommend KLUTCHclub for yourself or for a gift, if you’re feeling festive!

KLUTCHclub provided me with the November box free of charge.  All comments above are my honest, unbiased opinions. 

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