Fervent Foodie featured in Creative Loafing Magazine

Creative Loafing

Recently, Keia Mastrianni of Charlotte’s Creative Loafing magazine asked me how I define the word “foodie.”  Admittedly, I was a little frazzled by the question.  Define foodie?!  Let me counts the ways…  For me, “foodie” is all encompassing.  It’s me.  It’s my world.  It’s my everything.

Check out Keia’s article below, or click here to view a PDF version.

Update:  the article is also posted to the creative loafing website.



How do you define the word “foodie”?



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  1. I’ve been called a foodie many times. To me, I think it means that I take a much broader approach to what I consider good food. I look at what goes into the food and how it was prepared. If you pulled a jar of peanut butter from my pantry, you would see only one ingredient on the label. Who supplied the fish/chicken/beef/pork? And then, how does it taste? A foodie knows that all desserts are not created equal, regardless of the amount of sugar. You can tell who uses butter and who uses shortening in their cookies.

    In short, a foodie cares about the food they eat.