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My letter to President Obama {plus my top Charlotte restaurant picks}

Fervent Foodie is a contributing writer for the official Urbanspoon blog.

Dear Mr. President,

Forget the state of the economy, medical insurance issues, and the never ending tax-rate debate–politics just isn’t my cup of macaroni and cheese, if you will. As a fervent foodie based in Charlotte, the host city of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, I am writing you to advise you on the Queen City’s culinary scene. North Carolina is the birthplace of Cheerwine, Bojangles‘, and Texas Pete hot sauce and there’s much more to our food than collard greens, pimento cheese, and sweet tea.

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Midwood Smokehouse on Urbanspoon
Toast Cafe (Charlotte) on Urbanspoon





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  1. Awesome! He should appoint you to a special committee or something!

  2. Great Job Mary! Midwood is my favorite too. Great minds and all… 😉

  3. This is fantastic, I love that you left out all political bias and got down to what we all love, food. Last time Obama was in Portland (where I’m from), he went to this tiny little diner that hardly ever received any press. Now it’s the spot that Obama went and I’m pretty sure it’s always jammed up now.

    • Hi Jordan! Thanks for the comment! Thinking of politics makes my skin crawl… I leave all the political talk to my sister and mom. I prefer to focus on the food!

  4. I adore Mert’s!! Thanks for the reminder, I must return!!! =D



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