Blogging Your Passion {BYPU course review}

I’m a projects person—I love (and crave) having something to pour my energy into, especially if that something involves learning sweet new skills.  Since May 2010 my biggest project (and biggest obsession) has been my blog.  I’ve poured more hours, more sweat, and more calories into Fervent Foodie than I have for anything else.  Through my blog, my obsession with food seeped over into my love of writing, and a fetish for photography developed shortly thereafter.  My blog brings all those things I am most passionate about—the things I think, and fret, and fantasize about most—together in one central place.

imageEarlier this year, I FINALLY made the switch to self-host my website, and with that switch came a newer even weirder passion.  I’m talking about the passion for website development and administration.  I know this sounds incredibly nerdy, but if you’re thinking about self-hosting a website (or have recently made the switch) I KNOW you understand what I’m saying.  Self-hosting gives you an insane amount of flexibility—the hard part is figuring out what tools are out there, what exactly you want, and how the heck to implement it.  Implementation proved trickier than I anticipated—so I hit the web looking for help on the ins and outs of WordPress self-hosting.  I stumbled upon the Blogging Your Passion website last month, but when I searched for reviews of the program I came up short.  So I hesitated.

Then, I decided to sit in on a free webinar with the guys from BYP.  In that hour alone I easily learned over five new tools I wanted to implement on my blog, so I stopped hesitating and decided to give their Blogging imageYour Passion University (BYPU) 201 course a shot.  I’ve spent each night over the past week sprawled out on the couch listening to the videos, typing up notes, and making changes to the blog (thank god for pause buttons).  I’ve learned more about WordPress, site plugins, SEO, and getting my blog name out there in this week than I have learned in nearly two years of blogging.  I’ve gotten so much out of the videos, that I wanted to share my virtual two thumbs up with you all in case you too are searching for help with WordPress self-hosting.  The BYPU 201 course is the second in the BYPU series and is geared toward those who already have a self-hosted blog up and running and are looking to take things to the next level.  The BYPU 101 course is geared toward those who are just starting out in the blogging world and who need assistance with how to self host WordPress blogs.  Both of the courses are ridiculously inexpensive, and I cannot overstate how valuable I have found the 201 videos.

If you are interested, follow these links to read all about the BYPU 101 course and BYPU 201 course.

At the time of this post, the cost of the courses are as follows:

  • BYPU 101:  $18.50 (after 50% discount with promo code “101sale”)
  • BYPU 201:  $37.00 (after $20 discount with promo code “201sale”)

If you are looking to take your self-hosted WordPress blog to the next level OR are just starting out with self-hosting, I highly recommend the BYPU program.  The guys also offer a 5-part webinar/video series for $247, which I have not signed up for at this time.

Hope some of you find this information useful!



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  1. Mary,
    Thank you for the review, well placed on search engines, as you must know. I think I am going to sign up for the 201 course in order to restart a WP blog that I have let languish, but I am curious whether there is an active forum included with involvement, and/or any kind of brief personal interactions with regard to the bugs that can arise when you install plug-ins and do little code tweaks to custom themes. These were the kind of things that limited my ability to create content. Thanks. I read a lot of food blogs; it is a pleasure to find yours.