A sweet weekend.

The past few weekends have been go-go-go:  from Atlanta to Nashville to sleep-deprivation-fueled grumpiness seeping through every ounce of my bones.  Thank the heavens this weekend was a completely different story.

Friday night the BF and I headed to Hawthorne’s to share some mouth-watering chili queso dip and small sausage pizza.  And a few beverages, naturally.  We had our hearts set on a balsamic glazed pasta dish and a hot fudge brownie sundae, but alas we wimped out after the first two courses.  Amateurs.

Saturday, after I made out like a bandit at the outlet malls, we took advantage of the sunny day (hello high 70’s in October) and walked a mile uptown to have lunch at Dean & Deluca. I’ve never been to Dean & Deluca before, partly because I didn’t entirely understand the concept of the place and partly because I thought it was over-priced and hoity toity.


Randomly my Citi card (that I’ve had for a mere 11 years) decided to actually pay up on my “thank you” points, so I cashed those puppies in for a gift card to Dean & Deluca.



Inside of D&D, they’ve got various pantry staples like pasta sauce, noodles, spreads, and salsa.  There’s also a large fully stocked sandwich bar with pretty much any toppings you could want on a deli sandwich.  I went with the turkey breast on multigrain:


Loads of turkey, avocado spread, tomato, sprouts, and some chipotle mayonnaise.  YUM.


The sandwich was about $9, but it was a hoss.  Definitely worth the price tag.  The side dishes on the other hand were a bit pricier.  We nabbed some hummus and Stacy’s Pita Chips:IMG_0007

And some white bean salad:


At $4 a pop for the sides, plus two sandwiches, the chips, and two bottled waters our lunch came to $35.  In my opinion, that’s a bit pricy for a sandwich shop, BUT it was rather delicious.


We’ll go back… once those thank you points rack up again Smile

Dean & Deluca Market Cafe on Urbanspoon

After lunch we headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week.  Grocery shopping is always a serious event for us because we each buy enough food to feed a small family.  Walking past the card aisle it suddenly dawned on me that it was Sweetest Day!  Whoops!  I know, I know.  Sweetest Day is a Hallmark holiday.  Some of you might not even know the day exists.  I don’t care though.  I’m all about celebrating and will take any excuse I can get!

Last year, we both forgot about Sweetest Day (clearly it’s a holiday of high importance).  I was in the kitchen making lunch, when I realized our oversight.  I turned to Jarrod, looked up at him with a look of angry rage, and said “It’s Sweetest Day!  Where’s my chocolates, biotch?”

Yes.  That happened.

Tee hee hee!  I know, it’s horrible.  It sure did give us both a good laugh though.

For this Sweetest Day, we stuck with our pre-realization plan and cooked up some enchiladas.  All I can say is OMG.  Recipe recap to come this week, promise.

Since we forgot about Sweetest Day, Sunday morning we woke up “bright and early” (9am) to have a post-Sweetest-Day breakfast at the Flying Biscuit Café.


We’ve been wanting to try this place out since we moved to Charlotte.  There’s practically always a line outside and that’s usually a good sign that some good food can be found inside.

We sat outside on the back patio.  It was so sunny and hot I had to take off my cardigan!  Gotta love fall in the south!


I ordered the veggie omelet with some chicken sausage:


Even though we were loving the sunshine, it wasn’t making for super photo-snapping conditions.  I was able to coerce Jarrod into helping me filter the light with a napkin:


Ahhhh… Look at that beautifully filtered light!


Jarrod got the cajun chicken scramble filled with goat cheese and spinach and topped with a well spiced tomato sauce.


Oh… and we got a pancake.  With chocolate chips.  *insert drool here*


EVERYTHING about this breakfast was delicious.  Well seasoned, crazy good flavor, and no grease to be found.  I can’t believe we haven’t been to Flying Biscuit Café before.  They even had this amazing apple butter on the table that tasted of pure fall bliss.  Cannot wait to go back and try their oatmeal pancake!

Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon

Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon

After breakfast I convinced Jarrod to go for a run with me!  Jarrod HATES running.  Despises it. LOATHES the idea.  He gave it his all, and we made it nearly 4 miles split between intervals of running and walking.  I am so proud of him Smile

While relaxing after the run, we watched the Browns lose Devil, cooked up some sweets for the Blogger Sweet Swap, then dined on some crockpot Chicken Taco Chili (posts to come this week, PROMISE!).

All-in-all a relaxing food-filled weekend with my sweet.  I actually feel ready for Monday… dang hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


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