Something in the air…

Is it just me, or is there something in the air that’s making you all want to sleep for 13 hours a day too?  Something urging you to bust out that box of winter clothes and dig through the buried treasures you tucked away last April until you find the softest most oversized of all the sweaters. You wrap yourself up in its comforting embrace, pull on a pair of your finest high-waisted sweatpants, and sprawl out on the couch watching random cable tv shows.  Or, if you’re like me and joined project cancel-your-cable-and-use-$$$-to-support-your-coffee-addiction then you’d be sprawled out on the couch watching whatever show your rabbit ears happen to pick up that evening… Hello Seinfield reruns and round the clock local news.  Woot!  All of this in lieu of any sort of exercise or productivity and preferably enjoyed whilst you pack your belly full of comfort foods… and hey, let’s throw in a brownie and a glass of wine while we’re at it.

What IS that in the air?

Ohhhhh hiiiii, Fall.


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  1. I’m thinking it’s always fall for some of us maybe? Wish you were here, on the other end of the sofa . . .