Ladies night out!

I haven’t had a girls night out in FOR-EV-ER, but all that is about to change!  Tonight, I’m hitting the town to FINALLY see Harry Potter with Jamie and Vanessa.  Then, we’re heading to Café Monte, a French bistro style restaurant, for dinner.

Given the occasion, I decided it was time to put one of the 300 dresses I’m hoarding in my closet to good use.  While taking a quick inventory, I kept coming back to this orange dress.

It’s orange, not hot pink, I promise.


This dress has been hanging in my closet for nearly a year, clearance tags still attached, all the while wondering what the heck she was doing in a closet for of blacks, purples, and greys.

You see, I bought this dress for three reasons.  One:  It was on clearance.  At Target.  AKA $13.  TWO:  It was my size (not always a requirement when I find a cheap clearance deal).  THREE:  It was orange.  A color that has not graced my skin in my 27 years of existence.

What better excuse to wear a bright orange dress than Harry Potter and French food?  I can think of none.

So here I am in my orange dress:


Just kidding… that was the first of many failed attempts at self-photography.


Better… seriously though the dress is ORANGE not pink.

What is this, Prom?  Where’s my corsage?


And here’s all my goodies for the show:


That’s a book to read in case I’m early (wishful thinking), Living Social deal for the restaurant (can I get a Boo-ya?), Chocolate covered pecans, chocolate covered blueberries, a chocolate brownie clif bar (sensing a theme here?!), a notepad and pen in case I need to jot down notes at the restaurant, water for hydration, and a sweater in case the old lady gets cold Smile

Me and my ORANGE dress and my BLUE purse.  Ready to hit the town!


Here’s hoping there are not any typos in this post, cuz I have go to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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