You know you have a problem when…

You’ve got this in your fridge:


It appears I’ve replaced my cereal addiction with an addiction to Greek Yogurt.  No one should have five tubs of Greek yogurt in their fridge at a time. 

Just sayin.


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  1. I WANT my fridge to look like that! I think it’s a necessity 😉 I can’t get that kind (no Trader Joes) but I have plenty of Chobani and Fage. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and amonnd milk are my fridge staples.

  2. you lucky girl! lately i’ve been getting the extra extra jumbo size of greek AND european TJ’s plain yogurt! yuuuuuuuuum they complete my life. have you tried the European? its definitely not as thick but ridiculously smooth and creamy. Nice for a switch up every now and then 🙂