Stop and go.  Stop and go.

Ya’ll may recall my short-lived escapade with running last summer.  And you might also recall when I hurt my knee.  And if you recall those two things you might also recall that I tried to get back into running by purchasing new running shoes and starting interval training.  And then remember when I hurt my knee AGAIN?  And then I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he told me “some knees just aren’t made for running.”  And then I said screw you, doctor.  I’ll show you, doctor.  And then remember when I tried to do interval training again?  And then I hurt my knee.. AGAIN.  And then basically said yeah screw running?

That was fun, wasn’t it? Smile

Sooooooo…. about 2 weeks ago I went to the Charlotte Running Company to buy *new running shoes* … Stubborn might just be my middle name.


Note that I purchased the new shoes BEFORE trying to start running again.  Let’s give Mary a cyber pat on the back for at least taking one step in the right direction.

The coolest thing about my visit to the Charlotte Running Co., was the personal fitting.  This involved me running on a treadmill while they videotaped my ankles and feet.  The playback was pretty interesting to watch.  I learned that I do not over or under pronate (roll the ankles inward or outward), which I was always curious about.  What I do do is over extend my legs when I run, which causes my heel to hit the ground first.  Apparently, the balls of your feet should hit first.  The salesman told me to pretend that I’m running on hot coals and take quick short steps.

Verrrrrry interesting.  It’s funny to think that there’s a “right” way to run.  There’s more to it than strapping on any old pair of tennis shoes and hitting the payment.  Really, Mary?  Cuz that worked oh so well for you last summer, didn’t it?

After trying on about 10 pairs of running shoes, I ended up going with the Asics Gel Nimbus 13:


Even with my new shoes and my new hot coal running technique, I didn’t want to just jump into running head — strike that — ball-of-the-foot first.  I decided to ramp up with… you guessed it.

Interval training.

Originally, my goal was to start with 1 minute running and 1 minute walking for 20 minutes. Then each week gradually increase the run portion of the interval by 1 minute.

Good plan, eh?

Probably was, but it just wasn’t challenging enough.  But as much as I just want to just get out there and RUN until my legs can’t carry me any further, I have a little nagging voice in the back of my head reminding me how devastated I’ll be if I hurt my knee again this summer.  Sooooooo I reached a compromise with the nagging voice.  Instead of bumping the run time up a minute each week, I’m bumping it up a minute each day that I run.

My feets in action:


I’m also running every other day (as opposed to EVERY day I tried to run last summer), and I found a pretty nice path to run on (as opposed to hard streets/sidewalks).


If I stay on this plan, I should be able to run 5K no (knee) problem by mid August! That would be the ultimate accomplishment in my mind.  I know 5K isn’t much—I mean it’s no walk in the park but it’s also no marathon—but in my knee-injurfied world it’s quite the accomplishment!


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  1. I think a 5K is a huge accomplishment! And I heel-strike when I run too, but have gotten better in the last few months about staying on the balls of my feet (your calves will FEEL IT after the first few runs!) which has really alleviated a lot of my knee pain. Good luck with your new shoes 😉

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